Monday, March 7, 2011

Sad Panda no Longer Sad.

I was a little sad.

I didn't ride all weekend because I am a lazy person who worked waaaay too hard this past week and thought my horse needed 3 days off (counting today since I work till midnight) but now I feel guilty and am a sad panda.

I also am a little fearful for my life as this is a brand new week with with ALL NEW opportunities for professors to rape us with a load of dogcrap for homework.

It is also supposed to thunderstorm 3 days this week. EEEEEK :O

But I did find out that I won a bidding war and got these shipping boots (well, ones that look similar).....

For $2.75 on ebay, free shippping. Um, WIN! My mom lost my super extra beautiful BLUE tall shipping boots that cost me an arm and a leg so I am mega joyful that I got these for SO cheap. Non believers, Ebay is the shiznit. I literally buy everything off there; breeches, boots, saddlepads, AND I just got a gorgeous new running martingale for $25, retail $150. HAHAHA RETAILERS I WIN! The old running martingale was all crusty and old. Can't compete with that now can I? My tack whoring self (yes, I am a whore of many things. Like, pillows. And comments. And movies) could not say no to such a deal.

I also found out that I am getting promoted to "Certified Trainer" at work meaning I will be like a manager, but not have to work the hours AND get a substantial raise that will make it actually worth going to work... HAHAHA ANOTHER WIN.

So do you guys know Allie over at Hyperbole and A Half? She probably kept me entertained for at least a solid 7 hours this weekend. I think I read all her posts. I would visit her blog, she is epically hilarious. She reminds me of how I was like in High School. Not that hyper anymore but our humor is similar.

AND since it is a new week, that means more chances to ride my beautiful ponyface. I have missed it this weekend but hopefully he enjoyed his downtime.

Also I got SIX comments on my last post :D

No longer sad panda.

Hope ya'lls weekends went swimmingly well and your week is filled with prancing ponies other fluffy pretty things.


  1. That is quite a bargain! Nice find.

  2. I <3 ebay. Also I don't know how people lived before there was the internet to shop on. Seriously? If I was stuck with the selection at my sad excuse for a local tack store, I would die.

  3. I used to worship Dover but now I'm like...overrrrpriiiiced.

  4. Ahhh I am so jealous! I just paid like $60 bucks I think for a plaid pair from SmartPak...I didn't even think to look on eBay! Oh well, at least they are super cute. eBay is amazing though, I forget to use it as much as I should.

  5. I even bought my saddles off ebay :) I sell tons of stuff too. Sold my itouch, saddles, clothes...EBAY all the way. I've seen the smartpak plaid ones, they are cute :)

  6. You seem to be quite the expert, maybe you could help find a nice running martingale for my beast:)?

  7. YES :) Just search running martingale and specify in the toolbar "price lowest+shipping". thats how I always start a search then I compare and put items on watch lists before I bid or buy.