Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Second Post Glory

Is this not the funniest freakin' pony? He just knows how to dump his riders and then stops. Bad boy. If you wanna see him being good, go here.

My new tack buying obsessed self was super excited to get my new lunge line and martingale in the mail... ALONG WITH MY TAX RETURN!!! Makes me so happy I could poop rainbows and cupcakes.

Slightly possessed with rage of obsession One of my eyes is actually red....

aaaaaaand here is my happy face.

the new lunge line in action today. It works. In case you were wondering.

Yankee was brilliant today after not being ridden for 6 days. I have video but you all have seen sidepassing so many times you might die of snoredom. Take my word for it :)

In other news, H is asking me to ride Pronto for a few days while she is gone. I am pretty excited! He is a massive dressage horsey and really brilliant. I feel privileged that she asked me!

Also, an update. I will definitely be skipping class for the Reese Koffler clinic if she wants me. I was insane to even think twice about it.

In other other news, try not to miss me to much this week. I don't know if I will be able to post next with a paper, two exams, 3 paintings and other randoms long ass assignments due within the next week. Jump day tommorrow. OH, here is the link for my last jump day (3/3/11) video. I never got around to posting it...

Have a splendiferous evening horse peoples.


  1. I love buying new tack. It makes me happy. It doesn't make my wallet happy, and Greta could care less, but it makes ME happy.

  2. Ed makes my life every time.

  3. Love the jump video! You guys are great.

    How do you have such good ebay luck? Usually when I try general searches, I just get nasty icky tacky crap made in a less glamorous place than india.

  4. I'm not really sure...I usually try to be general at first like instead of 'ariat size 8 tall boots' I will just typed 'tall boots' and sift through them all. Usually I start with cheapest price or time ending soonest. Sometimes I hunt for pieces for days before I find one I like, sometimes I find it right away! But the wait it worth it rather than paying retail price! The key is to sift and be patient I guess since not all searches will have good stuff. I will wait and go back and look a week later. I waited to find a good quality but cheap martingale for prolly 3 weeks. But this is why I start now for this season so I can have everything by then. Like I am looking at tall boots right now to fit my fat calves. I just cannot lose the weight there, where everywhere else is! There are some nice ones for less than $75 on there! Keep looking!
    And thanks on the video :D

  5. Cool video. What editing program do you use? Jumping must be such a thrill!

    Oh and congrats on your new tack. I love buying new tack. :)