Friday, March 11, 2011

XC fences

So I wanted to post pics from yesterdays jump schooling, but I will do that tomorrow, too busy right now.

I did want to discuss something real quick though.

After visiting EN this morning and viewing all the 'pretty' new XC fences I was actually really dissapointed. Not with just the fences but with eventing in general.

Eventing was started to test MILITARY horses' stamina, obedience. athleticism and skill. Each phase was designed to test each skill specifically. Obedience, dressage. Stamina and athleticism XC, skill, stamina athleticism, stadium.

The XC phase especially was over NATURAL fences. Stuff you would find in the open. Logs, brushs, ditches, etc.

Nowadays (I realize with safety issues it is not a good idea to jump solid barbed wire fencing or gallop across hard ground) we are supposed to jump freakin' MANATEES?? AND SQUIRRELLS AND DUCKS AND ARMADILLOS?! WTF! These are not NATURAL and definitely not something you would find out in the open. Ridiculous!

I realize the sport has evolved, and that is good for the sport, but does anyone else find that the new fences are outrageously ridiculous? WHY do they deem them necessary? To test horses and riders further? To prevent boredom from jumping actually natural like fences like ditches, tables, rails, etc?

Like I think it is really cool to jump a wagon, or hay bales, RR ties, tables, rails, ditch's, water complex's..but freaking MANATEES???????

Please do explain USEA.

le sigh.


  1. Maybe I'm a dork, but I kinda love the ducks and such. Then again, I get a thrill out of all of it... brush and ditches included.

  2. I like the jump at Rebecca Farm of the T-Rex eating the jockey.

  3. I like the courses that look like what you'd be going through on the hunt field... but I'm more of a pragmatic traditionalist. I don't like violet and burnt orange dressage coats either. Shame on me for not wanting to not look like a clown and not want to jump over jumps that look like they fell off the circus train! Shame!

    So, yes, I feel your pain.


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