Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Suing Quietex

Yep, yesterday was AWFUL.

I'm not posting the video because the boyfriend and others are sitting around bad mouthing said barn owner who kicked me out who  owed me $125.....and it was F****** horrid. Like, worst test ever. We got a 47 in USDF dressage with about as many 3's as fingers I have on my hands.

I wasn't even going to ride since Yanks got eaten alive over the past couple days and has massive bug bites and sores on his back and I didn't even want to try, but I did anyways...prolly shouldn't have and I feel bad now.

Anyways, it was 77 degrees as I headed out to the show at 11am ( I ended up not going with Ayla, and slept in after working 13 hours :)) and felt glorious! The boy was with me and I couldn't be happier! 

Then it started raining...Yankee was kicking the trailer to death (which he never does), I couldn't find a reader (since I didn't memorize my tests because of so much working and schoolwork-my bad) and I was soaked to the core.

Our warm-up went reallllly well, considering all things. I was trying to avoid she who must not be named and the group, but it was difficult in the warm-up, ha.  He was only a tiny stiff feeling and tense, but I went into the test anyways. 

The instant we walked out in to the rain, he tensed way up and started doing this weird rear/prancy thing. And basically didnt stop throughout the whole test. He was sucked under the bit, so I had nothing in my hands and no amount of push would make him come forward into my hands, he squealed and bucked about every 5 strides, and was blowing through my leg aids liek crazy. We were a hot mess and I'm sure the judge felt a little unsafe, like the crazier TB in him would explode out and attempt to take us all down with his mighty galloping. It was bad.

I figured it was all too much for him and along with the bugbites, I decided to not do my second test. As I was on my way to find my team and tell them, I heard people yelling, "LOOSE HORSE!!"....then...I heard people yelling MY name....awesome.

My horse galloped about for the good part of ten minutes, elusively dodging his captors. Jerkface!

Yes. I was THAT person at a show. 

That was my final final decision not to finish showing. The team ended up with a bronze medal, but I definetly did not help that at all.

It was not an awesome day.


  1. I hate those days :( Hope things get back on track for you soon

  2. Bummer. Sorry you had a rotten time.

  3. Good news, is that the judge was reallllly sympathetic. She wrote, "A little tense (hahahahahahahaaha, a little?), but I can tell this horse and rider pair are good underneath, the horse just needs to relax and the rider needs to relax mentally. Beautiful horse, and some nice movements"....we got one 7, but most of it was 3s and 4s, ha. Still not my worst test in history of my riding career though.

  4. What crap all around. To never fail is to never succeed so just look at it as one step closer to success:)

  5. One of those days... sorry. If it makes you feel any better, we all have them. My old TB mare used to untie herself and go visiting. I never could figure out how she did it.

  6. yikes! good call not to do the second test, and now you know.... your intuition will tell you whether to go to the show or not! but it also is a testament to your perseverance and believing in your horse! Corinna

  7. Wow that sucks. Sorry you had such a rotten day. I hope it was just the bug bites and that everything returns to normal quickly.


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