Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weensy Update

Normally I'd leave a show post up a few more days since I am a comment whore, but I think 12 is sufficient :P

Just a wee bit of an update for ya'll...

Yankee isn't too happy at the new barn. I'm hoping he will adjust, but I am still on the prowl for another barn that has an arena and an indoor. He whinnies and paces every night when all the horses go in their respective pastures and rarely finishes his PM grain. Plus there is no arena or place to ride in general. Few and far between my friends.

One that is here in Como is a dressage barn, but the wait list is MONTHs long and since we only plan on living on Como 10 more Plus its super expensive...

Hopefully the one I am calling today has room. I visited there before and it was quite nice for the price. :)

I work 46 this week and the OT pay will be super nice!

I went to pay Yankee's outrageous surprise vet bill and I asked if I could only pay half..she said yes and was even MORE kind by waiving the late fee on the other half if I pay it by the end of August...very do-able!

After this Saturday (USDF Region 4 team champs) I am done showing for at least a month, and he will get some relaxation time. Maybe only 1-2 days a week hacking out.

I'd like to do 1 more show midway September, but we will see of I can afford that!

ALSO, check out my friend Nancy's blog. She has a saddlebred and just recently started eventing him. They are awesome and he is the most eventing-est SB I've ever seen! Follow her!

Off to cower in my AC apartment since the heat will melt you. SO SICK OF SUMMER.


  1. Good luck finding another place. Barn hunting is stressful, especially if your horse isn't happy where he's at.

  2. I hope you can find another place soon. Sounds like he's really unhappy with his current barn. I'm so thankful I don't have to board. I don't know if I could handle what you guys go through. Good luck!


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