Thursday, July 28, 2011

MMM YEAH leg yeilds!

HA. Sorry about the sideway ness...just...turn your head for 17 seconds. Or one whole minute of you want to see and UBER fail!

So today Ayla and I were goiiiing to haul to Fox Run to school in the dressage rings since a) I've never ridden in a standard arena and b) neither of us have practiced out tests. Yeah none of that happened...blame it on the heat was 102 at 6:30 and we said NOPE and put it off till about 7:45.
Yankee and his wonderful trot today :) He was SO relaxed and willing!

We walked to her neighbors arena and practiced some of the movements for our tests. I am riding First Level tes 2 &3 and I havn't practiced leg yeilds in ages. HE WAS SO GOOD! Despite the video...
Ayla and her mare, Fancy

I had ridden for almost 45 minutes at the point of the video and he was getting rather tired of doing sideways stuff, haha. Wish you could have seen it when he was on, though. I think 4 days off did my pony some good!

I still have NO IDEA where the letters are in a standard ring, but we are going to attempt the tests tomorrow in the same neighbors ring with no will be interesting. Add to that that I have to get up at 6 to ride, feed and muck then be at work by 9a.m. and work ALL THE WAY TILL close at 11:30 PM! GAH! THEN, wait...wait.... get up saturday at 4:30a.m. to make it to the show grounds by 6 since Ayla rides at 7...wait around all day for my turns at 1:30 and 3:30....OMG I will be so tired.

In other good news though, finished up summer school today! 2 more assignments and I am HOME FREEEE...for two weeks. Wawh wawh waaawwhhhhah.

In some bad news.....I need a horse sitter! I am going to Ohio to visit the family for a few days and Ayla is going to be gone then as well and...I need a horse sitter... one thing after another huh?

Early day tomorrow. Peace lovers


  1. The anagram that works for the standard ring is, starting at A and going clockwise: "All King Verrill Edward's Show Horses Can Make Really Big Purple Fences." (In other words, A-K-V-E-S-H-C-M-R-B-P-F). The anagram for the letters along the center is, going from A to C, "Don't Look, X Is Gone!" (D-L-X-I-G)

    I was definitely muttering these to myself more than I'd like to admit to try to remember where all the letters were when I was at a dressage show last weekend! I don't have a standard ring either so I feel your pain. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the anagram Katherine. That's awesome. :D

    That sucks about work, but it will be worth it for a horse show hehe. We put ourselves through all kinds of crap for our horses, don't we? :D

    Congrats on getting a two week break from school hehe. It's not long, but it'll help a lot I'm sure.