Monday, January 9, 2012

No Shoes & Pony Pic Dump

I've been attempting to cut costs here and there. Less groceries. Less Driving (right, haha). More working. But alas, bills just keep cropping up. Vet bills, farrier, $115 worth of hay, feed, rent, tuition, books, new mattress....motherf.

Apparently, Dec/Jan are the most expensive months this year. I simply could not muster up $95 for shoes this month (WOW I know ONLY $95 for shoes?! I'm spoiled here in Missouri but I still complain. I suppose its better than $200/set for Ohio shoes). My excuses for pulling the shoes were as follows..
-Barely riding
-50 degree weather-no ice
-No monies
-curious to see how his feet do without shoes for the first time since...ever

So far its been not a success. Its been 4 days and his feet are sore & chipping already. I feel terrible. I had the money, I just would rather not spend it if I didn't HAVE to. Go ahead & lecture me, but I will give this a try for a few more weeks & see if his baby TB feet improve and if not, shoes go back on I suppose.

So we will see about that.

In other news, I went to visit my pony in STL yesterday :D I usually only see her twice a year, but this was like the 5th time I got to see her sweet face! Much excitement.

The boyfriend even came with me. GASP! I was pretty stoked because I thought he'd want to watch football all day but instead he braved the semi-chilly weather to appease my need to see the fluffy yak.

How adorable :)

They all wanted a piece.

Z is SO fluffy in the winter. Like, seriously, fluffiest beast I've ever seen. Her leg hair is a goof 4 inches long and her body hair is about 2-3. To quote Despicable Me, "SO FLUFFY!"

She even lets me get on her, which is even more super cute. I hope one day she will probably tolerate my future spawn playing around/on her.

'Dohhhh :)

Pony kisses are the best :D


  1. If his feet are chipping already, there's a trim problem. The walls were left too long/not beveled or otherwise not trimmed appropriately. No shoes also does not equal no management. You need to help him develop a tougher sole by applying something like Keratex or Durasole so he is not footsore.

  2. I know this, ive had plenty of barefoot horses. Dont take my lackluster writing as noncaring. I've been wanting to get him barefoot for a while and the opp. presented itself this winter. Thanks though :)

  3. 10-4, just checking and throwing the info out there for other folks who might be reading. ;-)

  4. Pony kisses are adorable.

    Good luck with the barefoot thing! I liked it because it was cheap. Even now, I keep Izzy in front shoes because her hinds do fine without shoes and the whole money issue... yep. Hopeit works out.

  5. I like barefoot best too. It just takes some transition time. :) I'm sure he will be fine. Good luck.

    Oh and pony pictures are adorable!

  6. Shoes actually are goig back on :/ he ripped his feet to shreds already. I feel like a bad horse mommy.