Thursday, January 12, 2012

Playing Chicken With a Bear

I know its 11 minutes, but its interesting! WATCH IT. I skipped to 2:35 and watched from there.

Talk about a beautiful horse! And a perch with a TAIL!! Love it. How brave of Tonk to trust his rider like that. I would have run as fast as I could the opposite direction.

It just makes me re-think how trusting horses really can be with their humans. I always find it interesting that they let us strap pieces of other dead animals on their bodies and crawl up on them to train them to do fancy things like piaffing and reining and jumping.


Happy Thursday! I'm stuck in snow.


  1. Absolutely amazing! THAT is what proper training should produce: trust and obedience, not necessarily being able to do fancy tricks or jump crazy things (unless your foxhunting haha), and certainly never out of fear (although a little healthy intimidation is nice sometimes haha).

    AND HOLY COW he is gorgeous!! And not really caring much about being in a studio. Or they just found some good sedatives.

  2. Wow. Quite a story. I'm pressed that he was so clean, too.

  3. Wow! What an amazing story! I'm impressed. What a great horse. Wow. Thanks for sharing.