Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pronto Monster Jumping

Its always fun jumping the monster beast. Makes me wonder how Stacey does it all the time! Its such work! Granted, Kleinmare is a bosst and knows what she is doing, while Pronto is still pretty green at jumping.

He used to haul on my shoulders SO badly, but the BO & a barn worker have been riding him for his owner and have done a TON of dressage work with him and he is much lighter/softer. Also, he only bucked twice that day which is huge step forward. He used to be almost dangerous to jump with all the bucking and running off, but as you can see, he has manners now. He was not having any of the flying changes though. Rather than fighting with him, I settled for simple changes. I will take calm, mannerly jumping over flying changes anyday.

Funny thing is, I am always extremely sore the next day after riding this big guy. My legs just are not used to the full barrel he has compared to my skinny TB!

Speaking of the TB beastie, he is exceptionally grumpy. I have no idea why, but he is actually to the point of pissing me off. He keeps trying to bite me while I lead him to and from the pasture and everytime I step in the stall he turns his butt towards me and lays his ears. Um, RUDE.

He's never acted that way...ever. Perhaps he is pissed off that he is barely getting ridden..ha.

I hope to fix that though...

I listed him on equine.com for free lease...more on that later good peoples.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. OMG I LOVE HIM!! He looks like riding a tsunami wave!

  2. Looks like fun (if not a little scary lol!)!!

    Have you considered ulcers? They can cause sudden, bizarre behavior changes. I hope he feels better soon and starts acting nice again lol.