Monday, February 13, 2012

Itteh Bitteh Coursework

So I should be doing homework right now. But I told Project Management to go screw itself for the time being. If I don't blog, I will be distracted and thus, the assignment will be half-heartedly done. That is my excuse. Plus I really don't want to spend 4 hours entering numbers into Microsoft Excel.

Coffee. Need dis.

Yesterday I had the intention of taping my camera to my helmet, but Hannah showed up to jump with me, so whaa-lah, video. I also had the intention of jumping a solid 3'6 course, but in addition to the ridiculous cold wind/ temperatures, combo of less than 4 hours of sleep and extreme anxiety about everything, Hannahs horse can't jump that high, so I left some of the fences low and only made one bigger fence.

Oh herro semi-large oxer. You were very boring today.

Yankee for once, was rather agreeable. One could even call him lazy.

No major complaints, just the vertical was major awk. I think that was my fault though, as usual. He was pretty solid, no waivering, no stutter steps. Just good all around :) Stoked for the jumper show Mar. 2. So I guess this post is really just my excuse to not finish my hateful Excel project. 

Pronto did something I've never seen a horse do, and I lost my shit with laughter....

Look at those feet!!! LITERALLY at his nose. I cracked up for a solid 3 minutes. Sirry ponee.

In other barn-related news, my barn-mate blew my mother fuggin mind when she showed me this...
Yep. Thats an electric bit warmer. I had NO clue what this thing was, I just always assumed it kept all the wiring in the barn tidy. NOPE! Magikal bit warmur.

I think my life was made by this. I've always pined for a bit warmer, and my numb fingers are forever grateful.

Oh, its snowing.


  1. I am so jealous of how solid your legs are. And you two looked great.

  2. Half leasing seems to agree with both of you. Win!