Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Unavoidable

It snowed. Winter is here! 3 months late.

Aint that purty though? Thats the road to the barn. I wish snow would stay pretty forever. At least it snowed once this winter though. I would be sad panda if the whole winter went by with 60 degrees and sun. Makes me fearful for summer...the days are going to be like burning balls of fire. Although, if we have a summer worse than last years, I think I might die, one way or another. 102 degrees for daaaaays in a row, with 110-115 index is ridiculous.

But I digress from the focus of this post. Squirell.

Pony face gazing longingly at nothing in the distance.

I knew it would happen. It cant always be cupcakes and rainbows in YankeesWorld.

He was going so wonderfully for me the past few rides, that I knew it had to end. Perhaps he was tired from jumping, or frisky because of the snow. Or the fact that I was kind of upset when I began riding, and cut our warm-up short/ wasnt as focused. Either way, he was kind of a dick.

For your viewing [dis?]pleasure, some epic fail lateral work.

I was focusing on shoulder-in/fore as well as leg yeilds at all gaits. Last week he was a dream and I toats bragged about it. And now I feel dumb for that, since I said "he has finally grown up". I think he still has his big boy panties on, and it was just my fault for being upset and transfering that to him. He was rather tense during the lateral work, where-as last week, he was perfect.

It always happens that way, doesnt it? When they are farting rainbows, there is no evidence. And when you try to capture that, it ends up just being shit.

Oh well, win some, lose some right?

Also, excuse the BF's fingers in the video. He must have been really bored.

Afterwards, we went for a little walk in the snow. It was perfect for snowballs, but as BF informed me, only 7 year olds get excited about snow anymore. News flash to me.

My happy face

Pony was eating the snow. I don't blame him, snow is delicious.

D'ohhhhh, snowey nosey



  1. apologies in advance, but goddamn, the boyfriends fingers were extreeeemely annoying. it's hard to watch a horse & riders movement & leg work when there's big fat sausages doing 'crush crush' every 2 seconds.

    on a better note - the pic of yanks in the snow is gorgeous!!

  2. RIGHT. I was like, dude, you ruined the freaking video. UGH

  3. Bwahahaha @ madddddeline. "Big fat sausages doing 'crush crush'" Nice.

    Yeah...you can keep that snow up there. Definitely not jealous. Atleast it makes some one happy!