Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Holy Hops Batman

This is old (May 2011), but hot DAMN! CAn we please talk about how the jumps in the race are like, 3 feet tall and the fence the rogue horse jumped was about 7 feet?!

And yes, about 20 people got injured, none killed though.

Still insane, and I had to share.

On a lighter note, THIS video is an absolute riot (wish I knew how to get 2 visoes on one post). I seriously almost shit my pants with laughter. I needed that after this ridiculously awful past 4 days. By the way, feeding my comment whore ways is really improving my mood. Thanks ya'll.

Also if you need more laughs, Dressage Curmudgeon has had some rip-snorting posts lately. I want to be like her.

Also, if the last 4 days are any hint to how the rest of this weekend and weekend will go, it can be expected that myself or Yankee will have a freak accident, like step on a pebble or something, and die.


  1. Oh my goodness... That guy, Guy McLean... I saw him when I went to Lexington, Virginia last summer for Pony Club Nationals (for Quiz Rally). He was pretty amazing. He had his three horses lined up, was standing on the one in the middle, and had one other horse lying down underneath the other three. AND he was waving those two whips around like a crazy man. It was so amazing. :P

  2. The video just plays in slow motion, which annoys me. Is it supposed to do that?

  3. Wow, I feel sorry for the people in that crowd, I imagine that hurt a lot.

  4. Yeah, that video and the one about the cart-horse class gone crazy are INSANE.

    1. Yeah they had the carriage one on animal planet!

  5. Wow that's sad about the racehorse. Was he okay? All they mention are the injured people. I'm glad no one was killed.

    That Guy McLean video is hilarious!!!! That is one patient and talented horse. :)