Friday, April 13, 2012

What The Friday

WTF is all I could say when I saw this.

I saw this a few weeks ago and thought it was clever photoshopping, or a huge joke.


I cant even...

Woke up today to torrential downpours and some cray cray thunder. I was wondering if I should even prepare for the show, but I got an email saying it would carry on, rain or shine.

Fantastic, since its supposed to storm all day tomorrow.

And I walked in to see this...

Awesome sauce!

I don't even know how to fix that! So the water just sat there. I'm sure I'll get a squawking text from the Icequeen about that, but whatevs.

Practiced First Level Tests 1 & 2 today, and a few movements from Second Level Test 1. He was pretty good, just a little tense from the pounding rain. His leg yields were pretty shitty today and maybe thats because we've never started at X and only had half the arena to get over. I think we will just do the best we can tomorrow, but Pronto/Hannah is (some of) our competition for First Level and they have some legit leg yields.

Cleaned tack, clipped Yanks nosey/ bridle path and prepped the trailer as much as I could in the rain. Luckily I don't ride till 2PM tomorrow, so I can spend the morning prepping if I need to. Still deciding if I want to braid for a schooling show. I love braiding him :)

Slightly panicking because I can't find my
a) hairnet
b) white breeches
c) camera charger

I think I will die if I don't have video of our first 2nd Level Test. Also upset because the Boy says he can't come because he has to study. PFFFT. What part of "this-is-one-of-the-few-shows-you-will-be-able-to-watch-me" doesn't he get? Besides I ride all 3 tests within an hour. Whats an hour?

At least Big Sexy got a bath from the rain. One less thing I don't have to do.


  1. Those body suites are nuts. On Jeeze. Good luck in your show(:

  2. The head vet was showing the rest of the clinic crew those suits, and all I could say was "How the HELL would you get a horse in that thing?"

    An hour?! I would love to be done with all my tests in an hour! Lucky girl!!

  3. I have to admitt, I saw the body suit and I just coulnd't read anything. To distracting, and I'm a little scared people might buy these. Yes, very scared. My blog is back, btw!!!

  4. AN HOUR?! That's INSANEEE! Usually when I'm at an event I'm there practically the whole day! Wow, so excited for dressage shows now. :)

    Oh. My. Goodness. How would you even... But the horses... How does that... WHAT?!

    I hope you can find your camera! I would love to see the video. :)

  5. Um what the heck is the point of those bodysuits? I thought for a second it was a Halloween costume . . .

    Good luck at the show!! I hope you found the video charger lol.