Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wherein Chin Meets Poll...

I've had an interesting and long Easter day.
I stumble out of bed at 6am, still suffering from a sinus infection. Its freezing. Get dressed (remembered my bra this time!), make coffee and bring along breakfast.
Walk out to my truck, hands full. Notice there are copious amounts of vomit covering my windshield, driver window, and door. DAFUQ neighbors!?

1. Thats a lot of vomit
2. WHY my truck??
3. HOW? unless you climbed up there mid spew or are 6'6 there is no way...

Pretty annoyed at the shannanigans surrounding my apartment complex.

Nevertheless, I arrived at the barn in a chipper mood. I'm pretty sure Sundays are my favorite because they consist of horsey time till about 2PM. Even though I feed & clean the main barn, I love doing it, since I get to be outside and with the horses! As I said, it was flipping cold this morning, luckily BO left her jacket at the barn.

While the horses were nomming, I cleaned the shit out of the grain area. It needed it bad and I was more than happy to set my OCD cleaning frenzied hands to work.

Isn't it wonderful?! I just love organization, labelization and cleansification. It's pretty much inevitable that a barn will have a remarkable amount of random, usually useless, crap laying around or stuffed into corners and dust covering literally everything. Including teeth. BO was pretty stoked that SOMEONE finally organized it. The labels..OH THE LABELS! Swoon.

Around noon I finished up and headed to scrub my nasty pony and get him ready to ride. Normally I hate riding at noon, but I was already there. Snapped some pretty ridiculous, cliche photos. But dang, he is so cute I couldn't help it.

Oh pony.

I was still high off our stellar dressage practice yesterday, & was pumped to get my jump on. The course we rode last week was still up and I made it about 3'3-3'6 with plenty of high verticals and airy oxers & my all time favorite, the swedish. I also had him decked out in everything he will wear at the show Sunday. I always like practicing on a regular basis in what we will show in, so there is no drastic change.

Mmmm, yeah. Lookin' sexual in that bonnet Yankee.

Our warm-up was brief and we quickly got to work. I started stringing the jumps together one by one, eventually making a course. Everything was going swimmingly until...

...And smack goes the weasel. Apparently upright standing barrels are horse eating monsters and should be avoided at all costs. He slammed on the brakes pretty ridiculously hard at the VERY last second so I was major unprepared and almost died.

OK not really, but I did almost go flying and thanks to my wonderful flailing ability, probably would have broken something. No worries though, I just racked my face/chin in his poll. Literally, I feel like my jawbone might be fractured. Instantly my face was overcome with pain and I was pretty stunned. I just sat there for a minute, blood dripping down my face, wondering WTF just happened.

We were only 5 minutes into our ride though so I sucked it up, layed the barrels down and made it a low vertical which he hopped fine. I moved them back up vertical. Refusal. Refusal. Jump. RETARD! Not to self: vertical barrels require more urging.

Other than that though he was pretty much a boss and after only a few rounds, I let him be done. Plus my head was throbbing.

So its official, I can only eat soft foods for a few days since I can barely open my mouth. It hurts like a bitch but I'm too poor to get X-rays, so I'm thinking I just sprained it. CAN you sprain jaw ligaments? I have no idea.

Went home, exhausted and promptly passed out for 3 hours. Oops. Least I have the excuse of being sick and injured. I'm pretty pissed because I just bought a plethora of healthy noms that require extreme chomping. Steak and chicken. Asparagus and broccoli. Carrots and hummus.

Le sigh.


  1. Uh...OUCH. Love the little virtual course walk though. Looked like a fun one!! Hope your jaw is ok!!!

  2. I feel your pain. I have been kicked in the face. That was a BLASTY BLAST.
    You can steam the broccoli and carrots, that way they are nice and soft. AND you can use the hummus!

    Shred the chicken.
    Forget the steak, just freeze it.

    Oh, uh, I hope you are okay.
    Sorry, got a little carried away with thoughts of food going to waste, haha!

    1. WAH steamed veggies are just so...limp. Haha!
      Thank though :)

  3. First, I had a cat puke on my car the week I broke my leg, all over the hood f my car, I feel your annoyance.
    Second, I have also had my chin bump into the poll. Hurts like hell. But better when mine happened over a 2'6 ish jump Pippi decided she would go over the jump and race off. I guess my face scared her to last minute jumping. Hope you don't bruise easily.

    1. I've had it happen before...just not this hard. GAH

  4. Hope you feel better. Never had that happen to me before but I imagine it hurt pretty bad! I like how your organize too, I bet everyone appreciated that.

  5. Sounds like that hurt! :( I'm sorry. I've only had one time when I had something similar happen... I was riding one of my horses and he decided he was deathly afraid of the other horse (who was a Stallion and also a full draft, so who could blame my poor little pally QH) and he started rearing.. Face in mane. Yeah my chin hurt pretty bad after that. Probably not nearly as bad though.

  6. Amber has only refused one jump, because I tensed up. If I'm not confident to a jump, she's like "WHAT, what do I DO here?! HALP!" and jumps it like an ostrich on crack...but this one that she ducked out of I SMACKED my arm on the standard as we went flying by and it was my funny bone. I thought I would die.

    Face to poll sounds a lot worse though.

  7. Yes, you can sprain/strain all kinds of fun things in your face. You can also break your face. I'm practically an expert in that type of pain and not because I want to be. As long as your face is still pretty much in the same place it was before and you don't have any points of extremely excruciating pain (like breaks), there really isn't anything they can do, xrays or no.

    My teeth aren't quite as pretty as they used to be, but I'm still alive. Smoothies are your friend, though. Let me know if you want help with them. ;-)

  8. It's not commonly known that Chiropractors can help with jaw trauma, and it's cheaper than an MD visit.

  9. OUCH!!!! That sounds so painful. I've only been smacked in the face twice. Once was as a teenager when I had braces and I was riding. I leaned forward to adjust something just as her head came up and got me in the mouth. Of course since I had braces it cut my lip and knocked on of the brackets off of my tooth. What pissed me off the most though is my mom didn't take me in immediately to replace the bracket thingie and I had to go an extra month in the stupid things ahh!!

    The only other time was recently when I was on the ground and Chrome got me in the mouth with his nose. Luckily it was the soft part of his nose lol.

    I hope you feel better!! I have TMJ so I know that feeling of not being able to open your mouth. My locks up so I can't open it all the way and hurts when it pops back into place. Ugh!

    Oh and for the sinus infection since you can't afford the doctor, snort salt water!! It is the best thing ever. It can almost immediately get rid of a sinus headache for me. I don't like to snort so I just lean over the sink and squeeze the bottle so it goes in my nose. Then you can snort however much you're comfortable with so it goes up in the sinus passages. I hope you feel better!!