Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kiped With Crappy Cellphone Pics :D

I had no idea there was a photographer at the CT on saturday and he snagged a few good shots. Minus the fact that I gained a solid 7 lbs last week and look like a cow (and am wearing yoga pants because allof my breeches have gone missing...) they are pretty OK pictures.

Apologies for the low quality. I stole them by snappy pics with my cellphone. Those never really turn out great.

First trot down centerline
Second 10m circle to right

Mega long stirrups GAH

Seriously, I need to jack those up.
Also, is that not the SMALLEST training course you've ever seen?
XC schooling tonight here in town. Hopefully they will be substantial enough to actually school over....

More on Queeny expectations and XC school update tomm. :)


  1. That's like a Novice course! I'm suprised Yankee deigned to jump at all. He looks cute regardless.

    1. Riiiight? Usually if theyre too small hes like, nope!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who steals pictures from shows(: I think you 2 look great even with the long sturrups and yoga pants.

  3. do you quack when you duck over fences? ;)

    this comment is meant to be funny AND helpful, NOT BITCHY. that's just not my style unless you piss me off!

    pic #4 is bitchin!

    wait and let your horse close you're hip angle. ducking is jumping ahead and it's not going to help Yankee out any especially with this stopping habit. i've been there, i've done that. also don't drop your hands when you don't find a spot or don't trust your horse, dropping your hands just tells him "oh fuck i don't know what to do so you decide" you need to support him even if you make a bad decision. i made my horse refuse by not making decisions and dropping my hands, then i used leg but still dropped my hands and he would just slide through 4 foot fences.... not cool

    also please go to the snarky blog and get your pic off their header. it doesn't need to be there!

    1. Yeah Snarky's pretty much just an internet bitch who likes to pick on people for nominal things. Case in point, the post about the "useless horse. Not sure if she wrote it, but they are REALLY digging deep these days. I pretty much don't care anymore.

      AND I SOOOO quack like a duck :P it comes back (hunter days ruined me!) when I am exceptionally nervous. I try my damndest to not do it and for sure try to never drop him (which is EXACTLY what happened at fence 4-not pictured) but alas, we are not perfect. Plus my stirrups were wicked long and I didn't even notice!

      For Queeny I plan to ride my best and just see what happens. Thanks for the advice though :D

    2. GOOD LUCKY at Queeny! i have faith in this threesome ;)

  4. Looking forward to hearing about how you guys owned Queeny this coming weekend ;) AKA, how much fun you have and that it was a confident weekend!!

  5. Sittin' up straight for dressage! Yeah! Take what you can get. ;-) Bet next weekend is awesome.

  6. I love the photos! You guys look so great together!