Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Queeny Park HT

So this is how XC schooling yesterday went...

...Even the 2 prelim fences, a massive table and a hogsback.

This is one version of a hogsback
If anything, he was TOO enthusiastic. He about pulled my arms out of their sockets and I almost died from lack of cardio and being very out of riding shape. I;m afraid I might pass out on XC trying to hold him back! I wish I had the $$ to buy that meyler bit

It LOOKS medieval but its actually quite nice
Because it was magical and perfect and my death might be eminent if I go out with his normal waterford loose ring


So almost all of my anxiety has dissolved since the schooling show and XC school, but will most likely re-intensify when I arrive on the show grounds.

The main factors to my loss of nerve isn't actually his recent habit of refusals, but my utter lack of riding the past 3 months. Since Jackie has been leasing him, I've barely been riding 2 days a week, and even then they were mostly hacks or lazy trails. YEAH...not really conducive to going out and doing a full event.

Granted I WAS keeping my fat ass in shape by running, but a month ago final exams happened, then I got sick for a week and a half, and then summer happened. Que gaining 7 lbs in about 2 weeks out of pure laziness. No one to blame but myself, but I intended to get back into working out this week like a boss.

Not riding in a 3 day, all consuming, very exhaustive horse show in the blazing 92 degree heat with no hotel or AC. GAH.

I might seriously die.

Good news is though that he was jumping spot on, and I'm going to run through our test again today and give him Thursday off.

We shall see.

Our ride times are FREAKINIG excellent. I loathe riding in heat, and we will be done both days before it gets unbearable. I dislike riding super early because I feel rushed, but I am more than thankful that I ride when its cool. I also appreciate that they gave us ride times for stadium since the stadium ring is literally (yes, LITERALLY) one mile from the stables and there are no intercoms.

Ride times as follows:
Dressage Saturday-8:48AM
Stadium Saturday-12:30PM
XC Sunday-9:45AM

GAH. Crosses fingers.


  1. What about a hackamore and a bit?

    I did some jumper classes ages ago in a 3 ring with a hack that had some pretty massive shanks...

  2. Why go to the gym when you ride ride a forward horse on xc? Haha. Glad you had a great ride.

  3. XC is definitely a work out!

  4. You'll be ok! You'll be exhausted I'm sure, but you'll man up at the event and ride like a badass. Because we had the same trainer, this I know :p
    If you need somewhere to crash that's close we have an extra room and bed. I'm about 25 mins from Queen I think, but we do have AC :p

    1. For real?? We were gonna camp but damn that'd be awesome..fb me your number! And thanks...I'ma take all the energy drinks

  5. I did the same thing... As soon as Don got sick and I wasn't riding anymore, I quit working out (depression and darn finals) and gained ten pounds.

    So now I have to work out again... which it's hard to get motivated to do when I have no real goals in mind.

  6. Your gonna do great!! Good Luck

  7. I'm excited for you guys! You're going to have a great weekend!!