Monday, February 25, 2013

And The Winners Are...

 You guys are a bunch of cheaters :P Though I do appreciate your belief in my ponys' abilities, so I won't punish any of you.

I wanted to apologize for the delay in announcement ( I was even going to make a sweet video with the names I drew, etc, but I've had zero time). Remember that snowstorm I was telling you about? Yeah it threw a major curve ball in my life... I just got un-stuck yesterday- thats four days stuck. I'm pretty sure I had several panic attacks, worrying about 3 jobs and how the horses would get fed. GAH GAH GAH. The most frustrating part is that NO ONE believed that I could still be stuck days later after a giant winter dump. I got shit from everyone, and a few people even told me I was being lazy and inconveniencing people on purpose- which blew my mind. Apparently there is no sympathy for people who have zero 4wd vehicles, that live at the bottoms of hills and are helpless in snowstorms.

GUESS WHAT ELSE. We have ANOTHER 6-9 inches coming our way tonight. Fucking awesome. Winter, I HATE YOU.


Drrrrrrrrumroll please...the winners arrrre...

SprinklerBandit and Cuna won for False!

Lindsay and Apollo won for True!

And the correct answer is....TRUE! He can actually free jump to 5'3! A few people mentioned they remembered reading it somewhere, which is impressive since the last time I free jumped him over 4ft was in 2010. Long time followers with great memories :)  I've never tried anything over 4'9 with anyone mounted, but I really don't think he is capable.

This was at 5ft!

This was the 5'3 jump. Worst. Video. Still. Ever.
 Another sad story about the snow. You know the WWU Jumper Show I've been practicing for for weeks now? Yeah. I can't go. My trailer is snowed in and there's no way my truck will get it out with the additional snow we are getting tonight.  I'm beyond upset about this. Not only are we READY but its one of my favorite shows and all my friends were actually going to come and watch. Ugh. Suck.

Hopefully I can get out and ride this week..I haven't ridden in what seems like ages.

Sorry to anyone who entered and didn't win, but I appreciate the following and excitement in the contest! The winners can email me at and we can work out deets. I will do portraits for anyone and have been slowly getting an etsy together, so feel free to shoot me an email until I get my shit together


  1. Well, damn! I was really hoping to have won. But since I wont 2 other contests recently, I'll survive. I am going to save your email addy for a portrait purchase tho.
    Sorry to hear you are missing your show, I'd be bummed too.

  2. YAY AND HOORAY I WIN A PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew there was a cheating bonus!!

    I hear you on the snow thing. I've just been lucky this winter. My car is TERRIBLE in snow and last year I got snowed in on my own driveway on flat ground. Ugh. May your snow melt quickly.

  3. OMG OMG OMG! I never ever win anything! SQUEE!! :)

  4. Holy crap that's some height. Sorry about the show :( Hair dryer? It'd take forever but I mean... You could pick up a cute guy with a plow. Or pay some little kids to shovel! With cookies and brownies. It works for my brothers (and they're 14 & 17). Good luck! Maybe you'll get lucky!

  5. Congrats to the winners!

    Sorry about the snow and missing your show... that totally sucks. I hate winter too.... I have to swim to get to my pasture.... okay I'm exaggerating, but we have been getting a lot of rain. I hope spring gets here soon!

  6. Okay. Idaho TOTALLY CHEATED. I'm not sure how. But they did. :)

    1. Half of Idaho totally cheated. Lindsay won fair and square.

  7. Idaho Maffia!! That BLOWS about the show. :(