Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow. Too Much.

 I'm very used to the hazards of snow since I grew up in Ohio and we got snow on the reg there. Since moving farther West though I've been spoiled with little to no snow. Minus snowpocalypse 2011 that dropped 3ft. of snow on Missouri and froze the town for 12 days, nothing of real consequence has occured until this month. February is a bear. All winter we've had pretty mild temps, with a few days of bitter cold. I thought we were through it and I wasn't ever going to get to play in snow.

But I'm over it. I used to love snow. Fun to play in, ride in, and it got us snow days. Now, no one cares if you're stuck in the snow and you're not allowed to ride in it or turn the horses out. Its only fun to sled in if you're hammered and it gets you sick. It also makes cleaning stalls a royal bitch and sometimes knocks the power out for days on end.

All of this.

Getting sick was just the icing on the cake that made me realize that I no longer enjoy snow and I want to move somewhere where it doesn't exist. GASP. I've turned into an old bitty.

But really. We aren't allowed to ride outside in it (per BO rules for horses with shoes on) or turnout in it...sooo my  horse has been inside since Monday and is currently going insane. We can't ride in the indoor because there is no power and its hella dark in there and I do not want to be on a supercharged OTTB in the pitch dark.

I sincerely hope we can start TO tomorrow or else my horse might literally explode. Luckily we can put them in paddocks while we clean stalls...but all he does is rear and twirl and show me his contempt for the situation.

Mr. Pronto is over it too

Yankee says, "Please mom, can we go out in pasture? PLEEEEASSSUUHHH??"


  1. Welcome to old biddy land. I have no use for snow. I also can't imagine getting it in those amounts. Yikes.

  2. That sucks. And weird that your BO "doesn't let you" turn out or ride. Or maybe it's not weird. I'm learning that I live in a whole different world as far as barns go.

    Is getting snow pads an option? Surely the BO couldn't restrict turn out and riding with snow pads? The only reason I can think of to restrict those things w/ shoes are the snow balls that can build up.

  3. I'm with you, snow is not near as cool as it was when I was a kid. I'm ready for a change.

  4. Snow hater also! Our horses get turned out the same as always - unless we get tons of ice - and most have shoes. Our BO doesn't care if we ride out in it...liability thing at your barn?

  5. *Raises hand* Fellow snow hater! This is why I live in south Texas.

    Of course, it gets a *tad* bit warm here in the summer...

  6. I am with you too. Snow = teh suck. Fortunately, my BOs don't see why horses shouldn't stay in pasture whatever the weather, except maybe nasty ice, so turnout is always an option.

  7. Ugh that sucks!! I also hate snow. I mean it's fun maybe once a year to play in for one day, but I don't want it to hang around.... ever!! I've never even seen more than a foot of snow though lol. I hope it clears up soon. :D

    Can you not hand walk him out in the pasture to help with the energy problem? My horses are never stalled due to weather... I'm not at a boarding barn though so it's my choice.

  8. I'm Canadian and the thought of not riding and no turnout just because of snow is ridiculous. I actually burst out laughing when I read that. My horse would be inside for months. But I am over winter also. I cant wait for spring!