Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Storm Q

THIS morning I'm sitting here eating nothing (because I'm an idiot and didn't go to the store like everyone else did), watching a blizzard outside my window, flipping shit that I'm stuck and can't make that skrilla at work today AND most importantly, get to the barn to feed the horses this evening. AND THEN IT THUNDERS....loudly. THUNDERSNOW ERMAHGHERD.

But seriously, I am 100% stuck. I tried. Hurculean effort, but that snow is slick as snot and already 3 inches high and I live on a hill. Fucking hill. You are my bane today.

I set my alarm early to get up and scrub snow off my car before work and I walked out my door to see a pile of cars, a literal PILE, on my road. All of them were stuck. Grrrreat. I tried anyways and I am now a stuck duck.


I seriously hope this city gets its shit together and plows my road because the snow is expected to fall all day at a ridiculous rate. By the end of it all tomorrow we could have up to ten inches. But I'm pretty positive that CoMO only has like, 4 snowplows, I kid you not. Snow here isn't rare, but not common.

Eastern people, I KNOW this aint shit compared to your, but remember, I live in the Midwest. I'm pretty sure most people here are idiots. Like, the most dumb. One inch of snow and the whole city goes beserk with panic. WE are supposed to get 9 more that. People already can't function. City schools closed LAST NIGHT before any snow even fell. Wimps.

So here I am, bouncing around in my house, tweeking out that I won't get out by 4pm today and the horses will starve.

They won't actually starve, but the BO is older and literally cannot handle feeding all 21 ponies on the farm, by herself, in 4-8 in of snow. FREAKING. OUT. WORRYING. GAH.

Not much I can do about it but I still hate being helpless!!

Just a reminder, contest closes THIS saturday at midnight! I only have 21 entries out of 103 possible so get them in there :P You know you want something like thiiiisss...

Or this!

Drew these last night! So enter HERE! Its easy!


  1. FYI, I am an original artwork JUNKIE! I am paying off a bunch of vet bills right now, but once I get those done, I would like to have you do a special drawing for me, actually maybe even more than one. My paint is one of the coolest looking horses I have ever seen, and I would love a custom drawing of him, and then my old guy was a wonder horse once, and he used to belong to my mom. I would love to have a drawing of him doing something wonderful (since we don't know exactly what it was he was used for we can be creative) and send it to my mom.
    Of course, I will pay you.
    Sorry you are stranded, it sucks!

  2. Of course that is providing that you do special requests for money.

    1. Cool! Perhaps I could email a couple of pics to you so you can see their coloring and features. But I wouldn't want you to just draw the pictures (cuz I doubt they would be very cool), but rather use your imagination. Especially on the old guy. He has had string halt since before he came to us, but I'm sure he was an athlete at one time. He has such long fluid gorgeous lines. The paint is all cow horse.
      Anyway, sorry to flood you with replys. I'll be in touch on this. Can you give me an idea of what you would charge? I'm a fan of charcoal or pen and ink, no less than 9x12.

  3. i'm drooling over your latest drawings. Im not a fan of Arabs AT ALL but THAT one is lovely!!! the details!! *swoon*

  4. I was snowed in at home for two days this week. It didn't really snow all that much but the wind blew like crazy and all the snow in North Dakota blew into my driveway. I was smart enough to move my Pickup to the end of my driveway so I could eventually leave sometime before spring. But I have about a 50ft, by 4ft high drift across my driveway and can't find anyone with a tractor to come and rescue me. Ahhh living in the country is so great.
    Oh and the last day I was snowed in I not only ran out of dog food, but I ran out of horse feed, barn cat food not to mention food for myself. It was great timing...

  5. I SWEAR half the people here freak out and go get snow chains on their cars, I'm like guys there is HALF an INCH of snow you don't needs those, trust me and I have a truck that fishtails in rain! This is Indiana for you, mostly idiots.
    ALSOO i LOVE the pictures, they are vary good

  6. These drawings are fricking amazing! You are seriously talented! I know what you mean it's the same in the UK tiniest bit of snow and everyone gives in

  7. I LOVE your artwork... maybe you should make an etsy shop and sell some? It could help fund the ponies. :D I hope the roads get plowed soon and that the horses get fed... and I really hope your BO doesn't get hurt... is there another boarder who is closer that might be able to get out there?