Thursday, June 16, 2016

Halfway There

I cannot believe its already almost July. I know adults say this all the time, but time truly does fly. I feel like just yesterday it was snowing and cold and I didn't want to leave my house.

Now I am 6 months in to grad school (4 classes down), Yankee can start jumping TODAY, and B is coming along great! 

Considering Christmas is now 6 months away and its almost the best time of year (fourth of July), I would say its time to reevaluate the goals I made in January.

*drags and stomps feet* *pouts*

I have never been a huge fan of resolutions or goal making, for fear of failure (lol childish) but figured this year I would give it a shot. 

Last night when I went over the lists I made (and hadn't glanced at since) I was pleasantly surprised to see some progress being made. Since I hadn't looked at them and all. Luckily, I made some achievable and reasonable goals (shoutout to grad school and SMART) that even if I didn't give them a second glance, I was still working towards.

If you can bear reading through another person's goals for the year, stay tuned.

Lets start with riding. red X means I have not accomplished at all, green X means part of the goal is complete and the red exclamations mean I don't even know if I want to do these goals anymore.

Behold, 6 month old goals:

I would like to note that "clean changes" need to be a GREEN X
To recap:

*Solid progress has been made without realizing it! Technically he was E at his first event with Supretrainer but that was a technicality...jumping the same jump twice, haha! I'm ok with that.

*However, we discussed, I don't really want to event right now. Too expensive and insane. I am comfortable admitting I am afraid of XC now...god knows why, but I am. 

*Eventually we will jump 3'9 though. He's got the talent and the scope. Easily. 

*We still have the same old trot. A nice one, but he is not quite there yet in discernible differences with the trot. Its ok. He's a baby.

*I say clean changes, but they aren't clean yet. He still changes late behind. But he does change on cue and can do about 4 figure 8's with changes inbetween! Which is progress. Yankee refuses to learn them so at least I have one of them that will do them on cue.

*B is slowly but surely realizing what renver and traver are and can hold it about 3 steps. 

*Additionally, his leg yields are a lot less dramatic. (This is a big deal).

*I am also so proud that his turn on the forehand no longer involves rearing or dancing sideways and it is calm and collected. Also learned turned on the haunches to that the

To reevaluate:

Removing eventing goals and adding jumper goals, keeping the rest...
-compete in one rated show (oh my god)
-begin monthly jumper lesson (first one is friday!)
-1 schooling show a month
-Join OHJA and USEF (bye money)

Onward to less interesting and more boring person goals. Also how many times can I say goals in this post?

Self explanatory.

Since this is a horse blog, I won't recap, but pretty solid work in the personal area as well.

2016 is looking good so far.

You'll be seeing this one a lot. Sorry not sorry.


  1. Mid year goal reevaluation is something I can get behind. It's actually been feeling like something I ought to consider for... Reasons haha. Nice job choosing goals at the onset that were a good representation for what you might reasonably do with the pony. Good luck w the jumper lessons!

  2. You are doing awesome! My goals were a bit vague because there was quite a few things up in the air... might have to actually look at them again haha

  3. Phew! Nice work lady! I hope you are quite proud of yourself. I need to re-do my goals for this year since my plans have drastically changed!!!

  4. Hey nice job! I guess I need to look into my goals soon.

  5. Good job! You're making great progress. That's not a bad place to be at all mid way through the year. Now I'm wishing I'd made some goals, but I never guessed anything that has happened would have... so I guess it's for the best haha.

    P.S. Caballo... the only Spanish word you need to know! Now check that one off the list haha.