Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Woes

The best laid plans never take into account horses and their propensity to pull shoes.

For real, once the thermometer reaches 80* they flip their shoes off like they're walkin inside mommas house. 

I have a few shows lined up, as well as bi weekly jumper lessons, and the first one was scheduled for 4PM today.


He pulled a shoe Tuesday and I fretted that he wouldn't get it back on in time for the lesson, let alone riding all week leading up to it. He got worked Monday and that was it. Whomp whomp. 

I wish we had a farrier at our beck and call like apparently so many of you do, but also apparently we aren't the only clients he has. Who knew?

Shoe was put back on Thursday night (yesterday) and he was 100% and lovely for our light jump school. I was PUMPED for our lesson today. 

In shambles after the repair, but in working order

And then he flung it off in turnout Thursday night.

Yes. The same day he got it tacked back on.

Not pointing any fingers here, but WTF.

I had this issue last summer with B as well and I literally cannot comprehend what is happening out in the field. No amount of bell booting will keep his damn shoes on. 

He has thrown the same shoe, not once, not twice, but THREE times in the last four weeks. He broke a new record throwing the same shoe twice within 24 hours. Not even 24 hours really.

Of course now the foot is ripped to shreds and I'm sure we won't keep it on at all from this point forward,  and I'm sure it will be dastardly expensive and there's that shitpile.

OK, actually in shambles now.

For the record I also don't need suggestions on how to keep shoes on. Get a new farrier! Try bellboots! Feed supplements! Don't turn your horse out (literally, what the fuck)! You're a terrible horse owner! Buy cavallo boots! Don't use clips! You're a terrible horse owner!.....We've been there, done that.

Summer is apparently just problematic. I am literally just bitching because horses are the worst and I wanted to go to a lesson with a pro and I am adult POUTING. Why did I choose this sport? Why do I love them so? Why?!

Oh, and he's 100%, 3 legged, pitiful looks, horse sobbing lame. Which has NEVER happened when a shoe has been tossed. EVAR.


  1. Dude. You have my sympathy. I have gone through this EXACT same thing this year. Horse threw 3 goddamn shoes in about 2 weeks. And then of course was foot sore. I mean WHAT THE ACTUAL HORSE?S!

  2. Yeaaahhh Smokey ripped his off playing (ie Rearing up to and then biting at) Kosmos face. His foot was worse than this, my farrier just spoxied the shit out of it, his left front is mostly clay and rubber at this point. Plus the other one has a toe crack, but seems surface only. Jakes feet were totally perfect so I'm SO not used to this.
    And yes the apoxy would've cost me an arm and a leg I'm sure if I wasn't an employee and it hadn't JUST GOT ON the day before!
    /Commiserating with you.

  3. Ughhhhhh wtf B!! Keep your shoes ON buddy!

  4. UGH! Riley pulled a shoes the night before his farrier appointment (it's been a loooong time since he pulled a shoe, but I pushed his appt back a week like an idiot). We caught the fact that he'd pulled the shoe and kept him in over night, he got re-shod the day after and then was LAME. Ah well, some magic cushion and a few days of rest and he'll be no worse for the wear. Horses!!!

  5. I have lived the same nightmare... A few years ago when there was a ton of rain my beast pulled the same shoe off once a week for what seemed like ages, same foot every time. His foot was mangled and he was so sore. We ended up with glue-ons up front for two shoeing cycles and a pretty drastic break over behind. He still pulls the same shoe if he goes a day over 6 weeks in the summer. so annoying!

  6. I swear if horses could only listen to small requests like keeping on shoes.

  7. Yikes!! His poor hoof!! Why does he do this to himself?? Didn't he go all winter without shoes? I wonder why he has such trouble with them in the summer. Normally having the winter off gives them plenty of time to grow strong hoof for the next season in shoes. :\ They don't even look dry or crumbly so I highly doubt it has anything to do with his nutrition. You've shared your feeding program and you feed him really well!! I'm totally baffled. So strange. Maybe he has an abscess this time since he's so lame... poor guy. I hope it heals up quick.

    1. P.S. I'm really glad I read this post because I totally forgot my farrier is coming over tomorrow lol!! Thanks for the reminder!!