Monday, June 13, 2016

Here We Go Again

I hate playing catch up on Monday or Tuesday but the weekends are always so wild that blogging is impossible.

Thursday after our great week I decided to jump a little bit before I left town for the weekend and it was ...not so great.

Granted, there were several factors going in to a rather lackluster and disappointing ride, but I will take the positives away from it and be happy.

Positives: I didn't fall off, warm up was stellar and B jumped all the oxers
Negatives: Snapped my favorite reins, Bacardi just couldn't and refused all the CROSSRAILS

What the actual fuck B?

The ride started out swimmingly. Actually, freaking brilliant, and I was happy because I had had a pretty stressful day and was relieved it would be a relaxing do-all-the-things-right ride.


I really think it had to do with the time of day and the shadows and sun casting and glaring weirdly. Reason I say that is because he jumped ALL the oxers and verticals without question, quite brilliantly, but when it came time to jump the fucking tiny ass crossrail bounce, he legit had a melt down.

The sun was glaring RIGHT on the white part of the poles, making them extra bright, and then the telephone pole was casting a massive shadow right behind it. Obviously terrifying and should be avoided at all costs.

Bacardi thoughts
It took all of my encouraging to get him to go over the crossrails made into groundpoles and I should've chalked it up to a loss. Should've stopped trying there too, but no, I couldn't because reasons.

Reasons caused us both to get frustrated and cranky and long story short he spooked at the GROUNDPOLES so hard that in flying sideways and my attempt to one rein stop the madness, my reins snapped and I was left with a horse flailing all about and me sitting there hoping he didn't bolt off when he realized he was free.

He didn't, thankfully...just stood there like the giant giraffe derp he is, wondering where he went wrong in life to deserve such an evil mother.

I deeply considered getting new reins out an trying again but we were both fried.

Hey, at least the warm up was good right?

So, note to self, don't jump B near dusk when the sun is casting weird death rays and there are monster shadows in the area, god for fucking bid.

He had all weekend off, sadly, because EME went to the creek to swim! Apparently Yankee had a ton of fun at least and dragged his rider out to swim about 100 times. Boy loves to swim, what can I say?

I also survived the second Tough Mudder we attempted this weekend.

the socks had capes guys, the SOCKS had CAPES
It was hot as satan's ballsack and I got a wicked forehead burn that 3 days later looks like a bad botox job. But it was really fun and mentally a true test of fortitude. I almost quit. Almost. Because 96* and 12 miles total was not very fun on mile 8 with no shade. That being said...I can't wait to do another one.

There's something truly satisfying about getting through something very difficult, challenging yourself and then overcoming it. I know us crossfitters are a wee insane at times (ask me how Memorial Day Murph went) but the mental benefits to these types of races are incredible. Plus, I just like getting dirty and getting free shit like beer and t shirts and headbands.

Bangor got extra crispy
Then on Sunday, EME got together to take group pics and headshot. BO organized it free of charge, so OF COURSE I was stoked for it.

The group shot turned out fantastic, but because there are minor's involved, I won't be posting the photo just in case their parentals aren't chill with that.

No individual pics yet, but Yankee, of course, was a gentleman and a scholar and stood very still with ears pricked. Bacardi on the other hand was a spooky asshole and couldn't stop snorting at shit. Luckily, his ears were forward so I just stood there pretending it wasn't happening, fake grinning the whole time. #whatever

Waiting our turn, I of course took a million iPhone pics and some of them turned out rather adorable.

my feels

Some..not at much.

How Yankee looks so massive in this pic I will never know

Also, Bacardi was lovely this evening for his lunging sesh. Hoping his insanity the other evening was just temporary...but lets be real, its B.


  1. Aw I kinda love the pic of Yankee nibbling on B's shoulder!! Also rip reins :(

  2. Those pictures are so cute! :)

  3. Dude, the palms of my hands got sweaty when I red the part about your reins snapping! Seriously!?! Can't wait to see the photos! I really want to have some done!

  4. Baby thoroughbreds. They always keep us thinking.

  5. B really? Dude its time to horse and be nice to your mom.

  6. Focus on the positives! A lot to catch up on after a busy weekend! Love the photos.

  7. That run looks like such a blast!

  8. LOL! I love the derp photo!! That's classy Yankee! What a fantastic thing for the BO to do. I would love it if my barn did that. :D

    Congrats on the tough mudder. I hope Bangor wasn't in too much pain... yikes! He burned horribly!!

    Have you ever noticed how it's always our favorite things that get broken? So not fair lol.