Friday, August 12, 2016

Back At It Again, With Awkward Style

It is safe to say that the Red Dragon is back in the full swing of things and looking fabulous, completely baffling almost everyone at how quickly he has taken to the barefoot life. His feet looking incredible and besides a bobble on rocky ground, hasn't taken a lame step in weeks. 

I can tell he is feeling exceptional, and he isn't afraid to show it. Yesterday B was a little asshole when L came out early to tack up, and he dodged her attempts to catch him. Granted, she had no cookies, so she fucked up there LOL. However, besides the first year I owned him, when he hated/feared everyone, B has NEVER ran from me and the little shit refused to be caught for almsot ten minutes, running around like a loon.

What a dick. Of course, since the humidity hovers around approximately eleventy billoin percent, he was DISGUSTING, muddy and sweaty from the get go. Like, dripping, muddy tail dreadlocks, mud eyebrows...the works. I dont think I have ever hosed a horse off BEFORE riding, so that was a first. 

The good news behind all the mad galloping is that B didnt give a shit about The Chair. 

Chairs can be sheisty
To be honest, he didn't give a shit about anything. I've actually never seen him with no fucks to give and he happily trounced through water, executed calm flying changes and worked through some transitions. Albeit, slightly lazily, but I'm not complaining. L even commented thats shes never seen or felt him that was amusing. 

What he couldn't seem to figure out yesterday, was his legs, as soon as we started "jumping". I use quotations because dragging old trees into the water puddles does not a jump course make...but it was pretty cool and he was having a ball.  Poor fellow was all over the place though, actin' brand new. All our jumps were at the new farm, and honestly he probably isn't ready for a full course for another week or so.

Olympic level piaffe

Most awkward TB alive

Its OK B, we all are ugly sometimes
Eventually we gave up over the tiny fucking log he couldn't seem to negotiate and moved on to the dead pine tree and splashing around in the water.

I literally laid on my stomach in the wet and muddy grass to get these pics, so you better fucking enjoy them #doitforthegram

I love this one; just casually stepping over 


He was a good lil nugget, if just a wee lazy, but I was proud of him for not being a total fucking lunatic for his first real time back undersaddle in about 6 weeks. Here's to moving on!


  1. So great that B is feeling good in his feets again!! And you take the BEST horse/cloud pictures ever. Seriously.

  2. Wow, you got some stunning pics. Good effort laying int he muddy grass! Glad he is feeling good and behaving himself!

  3. You are one lucky ho with that barefoot transition! Totally jealous over here!

  4. Love that last picture. Looks good

  5. waaaaaah ten whole minutes? that must have been sad for you. :-p

    This spring, I most definitely mastered the "pre ride hose down" whilst C decided he was an uncatchable mustang stallion.

    Not. Impressed.

    Love the pics though!

  6. That last picture is super super super *insert compliment not yet said* <3 He looks great. Barefoot would be a dream that I'd love to work towards with my B. I feel like it's possible and I feel like we should adventure together one day.

  7. Yay! Love these pics, glad your pony is feeling good :)

  8. That last pic is gorgeous :)

  9. Great pictures. Totally worth the mud.

  10. Great about the bare feet and feeling so good! Last shot is awesome :)

  11. You take the most badass pics and its like the sky is like "oh its time for pics? Here let me be epic for ya"

  12. OMG! I LOVE those pictures!!! Totally worth laying in the mud for lol. Wow!

    I'm so glad he did well and had fun. The awkward pictures are so funny.

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