Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Praise The Lort, a GIF Story


This is big.




TO RIDE. (and workout)

I've been regressing horribly this last two weeks to the point of not really being able to to walk or SLEEP (I am a literal zombie rn) so my PT opted to get aggressive again and dug around in my back with those oh so magical dry needles. After a few minutes I felt a huge TWANNNG and she had gotten my back to release in two MASSIVE spots...I almost cried I felt such a rush of relief. It was the single most painful and wonderful feeling I've ever experienced in my entire life

Then, because she's sadistic and evil,  she just casually told me I should be OK to start getting back in the gym, and riding, next it wasn't the earthshattering, life altering news that it actually was.

At first I was like

And then I was like

And then she was like

And I was like 

She assured me, that its better to get the injury moving now, but to be sure not to over do it and sent me on my merry way to live life again.


  1. I'm honestly surprised you haven't been riding. I usually just start riding again even if they tell me not to.

    1. It was actual agony dude. I could barely walk, let alone ride. Riding Yankee last week was horrible. I went home and laid in my bed for like 12 hours. Until my PT finally got the one spot with the needles, I had been in so much pain. It wasn't worth it since I had no shows coming up and B was transitioning

  2. That must be a huge relief! Back pain sucks the big one.

  3. Yay!!!!!!! Yeah once you get past the major inflammation phase (you are icing and taking ibuprofen right??) it is definitely good to get moving. PT and strength training are so important. Without core strength you back just gets less supported and weaker and it can actually cause you to get worse. I'm so happy you've been cleared! Just be careful and keep the inflammation under control with ice and rest.