Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Chair

I solemnly swear, this is my last post with lunging pics. Promise.

Now that I'm allowed to ride (Monday, but lets be real, I'm gunna ride Friday-Sun) I am done with the boring ole lunging pics and going round and round and round.

I think B is done too, and with the way our session went yesterday, I can indeed confirm he just cannot any longer. 

 I could finally get him on the sand though, which was fantastic. It rained for fucking eons, thank the lort because our massive pond legit dried up and all our arenas were cement. With the rain, the arena was actually better than the grass and he was 100% fine in the sand.

Minus, The Chair.

"Its behind me isn't it"

Horses, as we know, have no sense of logic, so to B, the chair that mysteriously appeared and has never been there before was a cause for great concern. He was not phased by the thunderstorm and crazy ass lightening off in the distance, oh no. But the looming white chair of death, absolutely bloody terrifying.

I simply just laughed and let him get on with it, knowing he would eventually get over himself, but what resulted was some of the most flexy positions I've ever seen The Dragon bend his neck.

This is exactly why red man is getting clipped like a giraffe this winter. Mark my words, its happening. 

I'm not even mad, I'm impressed
Poor B was stuck on the chair for about 15 minutes and would go around the circle nicely for half a rotation then see the chair and lose his shit again and fly off the handle.

Eventually he settled, but by this point he had worked himself into a tither and was sweaty AF. All I wanted was forward and relaxed, but he was determined to be forward, tense and DOWN.

Thunderstormy clouds

Finally, 5 more minutes later, he relaxed over his back and started pushing from behind and I left it at that. A bit longer workout on the lunge than I would have preferred, but I try to end on good notes. The storm was also lurking closer and closer and if you know anything about me, you know one of my only fears in life, besides crippling student loan debt, needles and Trump becoming president, is we ended it just short of 30 minutes.

butt sweat

body sweat

Today hopefully L will be out to work him under saddle truly for the first time since the transition and I am taking every advantage of her health to possibly ride out any shenanigans my back would otherwise be subjected to if I tried. Then over the weekend I will get some quick flatwork in and call it a day. The entire barn is participating in a jumping clinic at the new farm, and I sadly have to miss that due to wedding activities (not my own, I'm in the bridal party)

I am having a tremendously hard time holding myself back from ALL THE SHOW PLANS because I missed most of June and all of July and August is the last month of showing before it settles down. 

 I know coming back full force is idiotic, even though his feet are handling everything quite well. But, he hasn't jumped in over 6 weeks ( I think the last time was when we tried the hackamore) so I want to see how he feels over fences before making huge plans. I might participate in the 2ft class Aug 27th since Yanks and V are going. There's a giant show in November that I think is safe to shoot for, and a few schooling shows in Sept and then December starts the indoor circuit. I also may hit a dressage show or two, which will actually be our Dressage debut together haha!

Anyways. Just really jazzed we are both feeling better again and trying not to get ahead of myself. I always come back at things way too fast and re-injure myself, and I am determined to not do that this time!


  1. Chairs -- the natural enemy of young horses

  2. Your list of fears is accurate AF.

  3. Just because the chair didn't eat him the first 20 laps, doesn't mean it won't try on the 21st, or 22nd, or 23rd......

  4. I hate thunderstorms too. Freaks me out. I'm ignoring my continuously growing student loan debt

  5. LOL!!! Can't trust those chairs!!!!!!