Thursday, February 14, 2013


 Yesterday we played around over a grid and practiced some 3'9 fences. I set up a 5 fence grid, all one strides and a 3 stride line-vertical to oxer.

The WWU Show is only 2 weeks away and I've been avoiding jumping 3'9 verticals. I have a deep rooted fear of vertical fences, for no real reason other than my own incapability to get over it, per say.

My horse takes such good care of me, that there is really no reason for me to be anxious about those giant people eating fences, but I just can't stop worrying we will crash right through it.

western poneh

As a warm up we played over the grid,  and went through diagonally towards to vertical on the outside line...

I LOVE asking Yanks  to go over fences diagonally! It really plays with their brain and helps them to jump better over the bigger fences. Sometimes too in competition to get ou tof a tight spot you have to take the diagonal option so its always good to practice.

We hopped over the vertical a few times at 3'3 and I worked on staying where I should (no jumping ahead) and practicing my auto release.

Then we jacked it to 3'9. SCARY. TERRIFYING. IMIGHTDIE. The hardest part for me is to WAIT for the gosh dang fence to come to me and not jump ahead. It really throws Yanks off, but he always saves my ass no matter how much I screw him up...

GAH. Why do I revert back to this in fear? Luckily for me I have a horse who could care less anymore. When he was a wittle OTTB, he def wasn't as life saving. So lucky to have my clerp clerp.

I think we tried it 7 times and almost all of them we nailed perfectly! Yankee seemed bored actually, but he was jumping with such bounce and loft that I didn't mind too much. Funny thing is that massive oxers dont bother me a bit, but  I feel much more prepared and relaxed about tackling 3'9 verticals.

Been working on my position a TON

 He had a good roll in the mud today on his day off, which always makes me happy to see :)


  1. Haha. I have a deep, ingrained fear of giant oxers. No idea why--Mr Matata is completely fine with them. You guys look great!

  2. I hope this comes out the right way, but your position looks like that of a British rider, rock solid and balanced (even when you said you weren't)! Jealous. ps. Yankee is a baller.

  3. You guys look great. You actually have a great position.

  4. I love the last two pictures -- great position in the one of you in the air, and I love how you're looking for your next fence/turn and landing in your calf rather than your stirrup in the last one! Good photo clinic for me. :)

  5. You guys look so good I love the pictures :)

  6. I jump ahead too - so I can definitely relate to your problem. To me though, any fence over 2'6" is terrifying - so I admire your bravery!