Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Had a little texting chat with R today. She works at the barn I ride/board/work as well.

Remember the post about me bitching that stalls didn't get done for 1-2 days during the snowstorm when the worker who was feeding for those days lived on the farm and didn't need to worry about getting to the barn (driving wise)?

Well, apparently things are still going awry.

Like seriously.

Everytime I feed it takes me an extra hour because the stalls are so FILTHY and bare.

Apparently everytime R feeds, it is the same scenario.

So someone is not doing their job and stalls are still not getting taken care of properly.

Right now there is still snow covering the path to A barn and B barn but people can still go through the arena that connects the barns...not a hard concept.

This pisses me off in a bad way since, a) I was getting blamed a bit for it b) I do EXTRA work everytime I go c) I am not getting the care I pay for

I don't MIND doing stalls and I don't MIND doing MY share of the work (hell I don;t even mind doing extra every once in a blue moon since it is the horses I care about). But I will not and can not stand for my horses' care (as well as others) suffering. Sure sure, horses can stand to stand in their own excrement for a day or two. But no, not when I pay as much as I do in board for exceptional care. I don't believe the barn owner owner would be happy to hear about this.

Am I going off the wall, or should I be as mad as I am about a 'little' thing like stalls not getting cleaned and not having ample enough bedding?


  1. Full care means full care. The last place I boarded at I did self care, because the girl literally didn't care about her horses stand in excrement alllllll the time and I lived 5 minutes away and could be there twice a day 24/7. If you are paying for it, then they should be doing it. End of story.

  2. That's horrible. If you are PAYING for those services then you need to receive those services or one hell of a good explanation. Has anyone talked to the barn owner or manager? Sounds like that needs to happen ASAP.

  3. That person should be FIRED. Effective immediately. What a load of shit. I'd lose my mind over that.

  4. I mentioned to the barn owner via text that stalls did not get done that way and that I went ahead and did them. On day I just came to chck up on Yanks. She said thank you for helping out, which was nice but the underlying problem is still there.
    I feel guilty for being pissed since it is SUCH a nice barn and nice people, but when important horsecare is being neglected I can't help but being angry since I pay for that care.
    Glad you guys agree and I'm not completely insane.
    If there is an explanation I would LOVE to hear it.
    So person who is responsible, if you somehow find this blog and read it please do tell me since I have asked/told everyone who works there multiple times my concerns in person. K thanks.

  5. I'd be pissed. If you are paying for full care and your horse is getting shorted, definitely go to the owner. If the owner doesn't care, look for a new place to board. Seriously. Yankee deserves better. You know what you can put up with.

    I pay for full care and usually do my own stall, but that's because I kind of like doing it and I'm pretty particular about how it's done. That said, I certainly don't mind paying for full care because that means they take care of it when I'm out of town or away from the barn.


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