Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo Update

Our ride today was pretty much the same as yesterday, but with a little more work extension wise.
To summarize, as yesterday, warmed up with laterals, and stretching.
I continued the work I did yesterday, solid outside rein soft half halting when appropriate inside rein. Clean transitions, suppleness, calm.
Extensions weren't great, they never are under saddle, but we are getting there!
Afterwards we went for a little jaunt outside in the deep snow before it melts this weekend.
Great ride again :D
Jumping with H tomorrow (filming for my equine affair application)

Walk stretch

Some awkward looking trot stretch

Fuzzy vid stills of our 'extensions'...

...They need work, but they aren't hateful...

.....I'd like to see more lift but I'll take the extension we are getting...

"Hey mom this snow is reeeeally high..."

Minus the snow this would be an epic trot...too bad we can't do dressage tests in foot deep snow!

Speaking of Equine Affair...I FINALLY figured out how to edit videos, so Dressager, you won't have to do it for me! YAY! I will upload vids as soon as I send them out.
Wish me luck, I will be working on the application all weekend.


  1. Wow, I love the picture of him trotting in the snow, he looks awesome! It really is too bad you can't do a dressage test in deep snow...

  2. Looking forward to seeing your Equine Affaire videos!

    That is a really pretty trot pic in the snow.

  3. Yay stretching!!! Also, snow photos look like fun.

  4. Thanks guys! The snow is fun :)
    And the vids aren't gonna be our best moments since I want to do the clinic to help jumping problems but they will be neat!

  5. LUCK!
    Luv a big trot in the snow :) so fun to ride


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