Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's a Montage!

OMG. I just spent an hour typing up a lovely explanation of what has gone on the past 2 days and it didn't post and I had to re do the whole thing so now I'm super pissed.

Anyways, I'm half watching the super bowl. GO PACK! At least Fergie really rocked at halftime...SARCASM. I heart Will.I am. and Usher though.

So to try and re-describe what I have done the past 2'll be shortened..gah.

I never got a hold of a westerny saddle so we didn't run barrels. sadface. I wanted to get a westerny saddle so he knew it was not ok to run around crazy liek in the arena with english tack. Another time I suppose.

Yesterday I went for a hack down the road. It was really good :) We spent about an hour just walking and trotting all relaxed like up and downhills. He was all snuggly in his half sheet and I in my hoodie and the snow covered land was absolutly gorgeous! He was super quiet and responsive, so I was happy about that. When we trotted through the field in the 2 ft deep snow, he trotted like a big ol' Grand Prix dressager. It was neato!

Today I wanted to keep going with the relaxed vibe so I lunged a little bit working on transitions and staying relaxed through them and well as extendin and collecting the trot. Pics below! I then worked a teensy weensy bit on the piaffe. He was wicked relaxed and did well. Afterwards I hopped on bareback to do a quick WTC each direction then walked him out. I was really happy with how he went today!
There is always one....

(yes those are all 4 feet off the ground)

....bad moment that is

GASP. Is that an extension? that big boy trot?? I do believe it is!

I always love his reach at the canter with that back end.

Starting to look really good. he is coming up under himself nicely.

Regular trot on the long line

This is great! I hate that hunters bump, but it shows up the more he sinks down and uses his bum. He looks so relaxed here and us using himself lovely :)

This is an excellent ex. of how much better he is getting at coming underneath himself more with those hind legs. I'd still like lower quarters but that will come in time!

Another really good one collection wise


So it looks like he is bowing but Brandon really caught him in a glorious moment of scratching his face. I just like the pic cuz I look happy and my but looks nice. Lol

I plan to do another light dressage school Tues, hack Wed. and maybe a baby jump grid Thurs. He will have Mon and Fri off since I work night and have class during the day. I want to try to stay with the relaxed theme so I won't push too hard this week. I mean we have till May till our 1st event and till March till our 1st possible dressage show. Must find trailer first. Mom in Ohio has the one I used to use. Anyone wanna lend me theirs? Maybe? Puppy-dog-eyes...

And a random photo of me, Zoey and Boone.

Hardees burgers are really good by the way. I would go get one if I were you....right meow


  1. Yankee looks great!! Oh and crazy extended trot he had going there. He looks really Rolex legit.

  2. I am so glad I found your blog! I have had so much fun avoiding physio and neuro brain melt by reading through your stuff. I wanted to specifically comment on a few things, so thought it would be easiest if I just found your most recent post....

    *ZOMG, thank you for writing about that rough dressage judge experience with your yankee awesomeness! I *used* to be a pretty damn good rider, but Lyme has so deep sixed my body that I look like a noodle. I dragged myself and my school-mistress (solid 4th level 17h classic tank Holsteiner mare) to a weenie fair to show just because I had to do something...and it was sosososo funny/sad/funny to place very last! The ribbons were pretty but methinks the QH judge does not like my wb ;)

    * I love your horse boot obsession...but wanted to ask kind of a thought experiment question, being a DO student and whatnot. I lovelovelove polos, and happily do speed work in them. I have been hearing a lot about how there is some concern about heat buildup with boots during hard work. My curiosity stems from the fact that really, no boot can offer the kind of protection that ligaments and joints offer the horse; the only thing they really do is can offer a bit of scuff protection and warmth to keep the tendons flexible. Do you know of any studies that have commented on the affect of heat on the integrity of the ligaments/tendons?

    Enough playing, I have to get back to studying! I totally sympathize about homework and horses....know the feeling 110%. I hope to write a little more about my warmbloods on my blog as I'm starting to feel better, but right now it is just me being whiny lol :)


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