Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Equine Affaire Ohio

I NEED HELP! helphelphelphelp!

I am sending applications in to ride in Equine Affaire this year and I just thought of doing so TODAY. Apps are due the 21st of this month. ACK!

I had not planned on applying since it is 8hrs away in Ohio ( I am in Missouri) and mom has my Ohio...
BUT I got an offer to represent New Vocations (the OTTB rescue I adopted Yankee from) for the eventing OTTB in the TB breed demos. Hell to the YA.

The demos are only 15 min and I would hate to drive 8+hrs to do JUST the demos, so I am applying to do some jumping clinics. I would like to work with Neal Shapiro on "Diagnosing/Fixing Jumper Problems" as well as "Improving Form Over Fences". I am also applying (in case I don't get accepted with Neal) to Daniel Stewarts clinic "The Stride: Jumping well under pressure and stress in the show ring". If I get accepted to the breed demos, I get half off clinic prices wich are already WICKED cheap. FTW!~

Anyways, I need to know what you people use to edit vids. I simply do not know! PLEASE FEED ME INFO!
If I get accepted into these clinics I am one step closer to getting my name and my horse out there and seen by TONS of people. I rode in Equine Affaire a few years ago with Spirit in a Darren Chiacchia Clinic and I was blown way by how many people loved and recognized Spirit even years after, Plus I got to work with Darren for 3 days. WIN again!

Spirit and I jumping a massive fence. Darren thought it would be funny to set up a huge fence for a little pony, thinking he couldn't ( since I was being a snark and 'bragging' a little about how he could jump, Darren was not impressed at the moment since Spirits flatwork was terrible) but he blew the crowd away. They literally collectively gasped. He was barely 15hh, but could jump the moon. Darren was impressed.

I would love to get accepted again but I am going to be one of the later applicants so I need to blow the selectors out of the water with my vids.

GOSH I WOULD LOVE TO RIDE AT EQUINE AFFAIRE AGAIN. And spend money and see all the pretty ponies and eat fair food and see pretty ponies and meet people and see pretty ponies.


  1. I'd use something simple and free, like Windows Movie Maker (if you have a PC).

    It's pretty intuitive to use and I'm sure there are guides online if you get stuck.

    Good luck! Sounds like an awesome opportunity!

  2. I use Sony Vegas 9.0. Really nice program, but had to save up lots for it. Hit me up and I could perhaps put one together for ya.

  3. Windows Movie Maker. It was free and it's simple to use. There's not a whole lot you CAN'T do with it.

  4. I have windows...I can't figure out how to chop clips out and slow it down to slo mo...
    Bre, would I just send you the clips via email?

  5. There is a help section in Movie Maker- you click somewhere and it takes you through various things step by step. Also, you can just google what you want to do and will get the answers you need. Once you get the hang of the basics it becomes pretty easy. It's nice to be able to edit horsey vids- take out all the refusals (heh).

  6. Yup, yup, yup. Send me a message on YouTube (my username is cordbaker) and I'll send you my email.

  7. Good luck! I also use Windows Movie Maker. Only problem with it is that it is limited in what files it will recognize. I can't use it anymore because my new camera takes video in .mov instead of .wmv. It is an easy program though.


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