Monday, December 14, 2009

Memories and shipping

So I REALLY miss my Yankee, like crazy.

To ease the pain of him being away from me (or vice versa I guess) I went through lots of pictures of him and videos of previous dressage tests and stadium rounds.

This was a FAIL really just made me miss him more. It really shot pangs through my heart. Mostly of pain, but also of guilt. How could I leave him? HOW?

I know I came to Missouri for college but I should have saved more money so I could bring him right away. I know he misses competing, travelling, jumping, and of course, me. I was the only one who rode him besides a jockey and Anna at New Vocations...I did all his training myself...we worked hard together- Blood, sweat, tears, worked through disappointment, triumph, sadness, suffering, injuries, had fun at competitions, trails, 4-H , Pony Club, clinics and just enjoyed each others company...

My horse is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I cannot believe I left him.
Eats me up everyday. I feel like I'm suffering terribly with his absence.
I know you horse people out there know what its like, loving a horse so deeply...while others scoff and scorn calling us crazy; but they are like our children...our partners.

I am fighting so hard to convince my parents that I can take care of him myself. Besides I don't know why they are depriving me of my amazing horse and halting my dreams. If they think I am irresponsible college student they need a reality check. I have two jobs and work till my fingers are numb and I can't stand any longer, just to get my horse here. (Well also rent and such bu psssh). I would never let him suffer. Yankee and Zoey always come before me.

I have been fervently searching for transportation cross country. Its about a 500 mile trip, and most places charge between $600-$1000....However I went online to and found a lady who will do it for $425. I SOOOO scared though that she isnt reliable and will steal him or something. I researched her, and all I saw was positive experiences, but still..

So, if anyone ever reads this before jan, have any affordable, proven shippers you know of?