Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WEG 2010 Countdown!

I apologize in advance for all the supercaps and exclamation points you will be seeing, but I am really excited about this!!!!!!

I have been waiting for the World Games for 4 years-ever since I saw the sign posted on the highway. In case you didn’t know, this is the first time the U.S has hosted the Games since its beginning in 1990! AAAAND what makes this even better is that they are being held at my beloved KY Horse Park! I have competed here many times and this was my childhood birthday party place :) I ADORE it!

Hopefully the U.S. will rock Germany’s socks off since GER currently holds the record for the most medals and the most GOLD medals won since WEG began. GER holds 46 medals, 21 gold whilst the U.S. holds 27 medals overall with 9 of those being gold…We have some massive catching up to do.

My stupendous boyfriend heard about my excitement and went ahead and bought us tickets to the Games for XC day! we leave next friday for OH, then Sat AM for KY. I can barely contain my excitement. :D

Our riders this Year include Phillip Dutton, Will Faudree, Karen O’Conner, Becky Holder, Kim Severson, Allison Springer, Amy Tryon, Boyd Martin, Holly Hudspeth, Stephen Bradley, & Bruce (Buck) Davidson jr. I am REALLLLLLY rooting for Will Faudree, Becky Holder, and Allison Springer!

Phillip Dutton

Becky Holder and the gorgeous Courageous Comet

Kim Severson and Tipperary L.

Will Faudree I may have a slight crush on this guy :P )

Allison Springer

Karen Oconner and the late Teddy

Amy Tryon and Poggio

The Aussie turned American, Boyd Martin. Ohhh yeah.

The newcomer, Holly Hudspeth

Stephen Bradley

Bruce (Buck) Davidson

Monday, September 20, 2010


OH MY GOODNESS it has been too long. I SWEAR I will update soon. Mostly since my comp has been in the shop and I can't upload pics of anything.
quick run through
-show season ended up EHH, more on that later
-Yankee is still in Ohio with mother since I...
-Moved back to Missouri for school
-I have been WICKED stressed about $$ and classes and work and its really hard to get everything done and update blogs :(
-Went to a WESTERN horse show on a borrowed Paint horse and had a blast after almost a month of no riding! We got a 4th and 5th in pleasure classes out of like 30 riders, go us!
-WEG 2010 in 2 WEEEEEEEEKS! Who's EXCITED?!? I am! I am! Brandon and I are going saturday to watch XC and I am super stoked! He bought me tickets :D what a good boyfriend.

That's all folks, I gotta run to class, hopefully I can update better soon, it's been AGES!