Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yankee, The Saint

My horse is awsome. But we all knew that already.
One of my friends from school has been bugging me to give him lessons and I was nervous at first because not many people ride Yankee and he can be a but if an ass sometimes, if you know what I mean.
I was skeptical and nervous, but I did it anyways.
The first day I taught Colin the basics,go, turn, stop, position, etc etc. and he BLEW MY MIND. This guy is a freakin freak of nature...he is extremely good at this. He was sitting and posting on the first day, and by the second lesson, he could do it perfectly and by the third lesson he could mix up sitting and posting, two point, leg yeilds and he cantered. I must be an excellent teacher :P
And Yankee...He is a SAINT. He just plods along in the westerny trot and is so relaxed with Colin. It slike he knows he has an inexperienced rider on his back. Everytime, the first day, he would lose his balance, yankee would slow down or stop. It was funny and frustrating actually.
Yankee seemed to have an instant connection with this guy and he already runs up to him in the field. He is just SO awesome for Colin, it blows my mind.

Pretty good two point for a noob huh?
In an english saddle, no less.
Aren't they adorable??
This is fun.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Throws Hands Up"

Pretty much.

I give up at life...for now.

I'm sick, and I've stayed home and moped for a few days, overwhelmed with everything that is the CLUSTERF*** of my life, wondering when and where I will be when I actually hear some good news.

Then, when I think nothing else could happen to me to try and make me quit trying, the BF breaks things off with me. I was at the barn, thank God.

Cue ridiculous blubbering into nearest pony's face. Thank you old man GinGin.

Then I sauntered off to find my own pony. He galloped up to me when I called and just let me cry into his mane. He snuffled me and gave me horse hugs and told me not to be sad.

Horses are the frickn' best.