Monday, June 16, 2014

Motivate Me

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to ride 2 horses a day with the onslaught of intense humidity and rising temperatures. (strangely enough, the day the following pics were taken it was 45* at 7am and I was frozen. SUMMER WTF)

I know the easiest solution is just get up earlier, but my body went from working 70 hours a week, to nothing at all and has taken a drastic change in course when it comes to sleep patterns. Meaning I can't fall asleep till like 3 am, and cannot force myself to wake up before 830. I need to reverse this stat before I get in too deep.

That aside, I've put in some good work with the ponies ( riding every other day or so) even with the jank ass footing. It didn't stop raining for a week so we did a lot of hill/road work which is actually beneficial. Once the "arena" dried we did a bit more real dressage work with circles, transitions and change of directions for B, and 3rd stuff for The Yankee. Sadly, we have yet to get any Yankee video but I do have some cool pics of Bacardi.

This 'lil' man truly puts in work everytime I get on him. Gives 110% every ride, every time. He never quits. Even when he's frustrated or confused he keeps truckin'. Fabulously too, I can't get over his natural gaits.

Is this horse really five years old? No, he can't be.

Granted that is his good direction (right lead canter is a HOT mess), but can we please appreciate his understanding of inside leg to outside rein already?

Yes that would be an open inside rein and him still on the contact <3 br="">
He's way more consistent to the left, which is expected, but when he's on, he is ON


Yes yes, Yankee is STILL my precious angelface and ALWAYS will be, I am just floored by this OTTB and his ease in the transition from racehorse to event horse. Granted his old owner did a LOT of the grunt work and got him started in contact, but he is truly taking this dressage thing by the reins (haha equestrian humor).

I could look at pics of my shiny penny all day.

I have yet to jump the nugget and plan to do that soonly, but I have ZERO jump materials.

As a child I jumped Spirit and Yankee over picnic tables and trash cans. Ratchet.

HOPEFULLY I will be taking Yanks to twin Towers this weekend to jump, but since B is god awful in the trailer I will be leaving him at home this time until we school a bit more with that wretched moving metal thing.

Also, Jackie is baaaaaack and she is a'bloggin. Check her out at The Wondermare because she is awesome and my bestie.