Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mud horse

Well, spring has definitely sprung, and it’s fantastic!!

Yankee update from Lauren, he is doing very well, seems to be settling into his new barn just fine and is enjoying the big stall and his new friends.

She rode him a few times already and she said every time he really enjoys himself. I think he is really, really happy with the change of scenery and the major break from constant dressage drilling. Lauren took him out for a few gallops already and she said he was full of it! thats awesome, cuz he was really a grumpers for a while.

I bought him a gel pad for the saddle, and soon a new fly/UV ray sheet. I hate spending money, but for him I don’t mind.

Having a few butterflies for this upcoming season for many reasons. Mostly because I haven’t ridden him in over 8 months, even though he has been schooled, and I don’t have much money to compete. UGH.

Anyways here are a few pictures of him enjoying the first nice day. his blanket is a wreck!! Eeek!

I LOVE my horse!