Friday, January 8, 2010


Some pics from our latest winter storm

Zoey enjoying the snow

Zoey and Z baby

Cowgirls frosty nose

Z baby

the girls nom-ing on some hay

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

brand new year, new chances!

Well my new years started off just fantastic. NOT. I got to ride Yankee exactly twice before I fell ill, then sprained my ACL tendon in my left knee, the same leg with my healing achilles tendon. Awesome.

But here’s to making GOALS and not RESOLUTIONS!

LIST 1 (back to listing, drat it), SCHOOL STUFF

  • Finish my remaining semseter at Mizzou and figure out what-the-hell I am going to do for next year
  • Study study study, all the effing time. Grades is money. Or is it time is money? Same diff.
  • Try to get all I can form my classes, like knowledge wise
  • Learn diffrent study techniques
  • Stay off facebook whhile studying. FGEEz.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask profs questions. They won’t bite. Orsome might….
  • Try to make more friends….realize no one is perfect and everyone has issues. Sigh.


  • reach prelim level by the end of the showing season (sept/nov)
  • compete in as many shows as possible, like as many as possible.
  • renew membership to USEA
  • take more trail rides
  • swim!
  • try to have double clear rounds in all jumping phases
  • break a 20% on dressage test (OMGeez)
  • after eventing season, compete in dressage shows, up to 3rd level
  • try to eliminate dressage test jitters
  • make my braids perfect!
  • school tables so much that yankee becomes less afraid of them
  • work on my jumping position (ever since my injury, its been weak)
  • continue to ride my horse in a way that will present him the best way possible


  • Lose the remaining 5-10 lbs I’ve gained and KEEP IT OFF!**
  • remember to STAY RELAXED. There could be something worse, you could be dead.
  • find a new job.
  • try to become a better person.
  • keep in touch with old friends, they are the best. Loves, lindz and Jodi (few others too :) )
  • be a more grateful person
  • be a better daughter and sister (getting all sentimental here)
  • work on my something special :) no one gets to know what that means except me
  • not spend as much on stupid shit, see above
  • try to accept others FOR WHO THEY ARE!

**This is NOT a vanity thing, it is a health issue for me. A regular 5′9 girl should not weigh 165 lbs, even with all the muscling I have. it’s just wrong. Plus I feel gross all the time. I’ve already lost 10 of the 20lbs I would like to shed though. GO ME!

Wintery weather pictures to be added later when I can remember where my cord is!!