Friday, July 10, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Quick Update

Quick mobile phone update for ye followers

(Dog tax)

This week has been rough. 

Minus being exceptionally stressed out about show (school) planning & juggling work...

...(and I'm not even actually showing).

...forgetting until last minute I need a Health Certificate (bye money)...

...Stressing about my horses' performance because I would really love him to qualify for AECs...

...(though he seems to be doing well)

...stressing about my other horse getting in the trailer & traveling well...

...(he's been great this week though)

...figuring out where I will sleep...

...and stressing about the weather 

....(looks super promising)

...I've also had the stomach flu ALL WEEK and I feel like ASS and I'm so hungry and just want to eat without throwing up and stand up without feeling weak. 

So this will be fun. 

Hopefully I don't die of extreme dehydration or from a tornado killing me.

Why does this happen everytime I try to do anything? ANYTHING.  

Otherwise I'm looking forward to this weekend.