Friday, July 3, 2015

TBT: Yankee

(sidenote: this was supposed to have been posted yesterday but iphone blogger was slow AF)

I'm I don't think I've ever done a TBT on blogger. If you follow me on insta, you know I participate aggressively on that outlet but I just had a hankering to share some old photos of Mr Yankee for any new readers that may be curious...or old readers who miss him as much as me! Enjoy a brief photographic history of some of my favorite moments from the last 10 years!

Baby Yankee at 4 years old

Our very first show together, that topline is laughable

Circa 2008 with my mini foal, Zephyr

Spring Bay 2009

KY Classique 2009

Some event in PA in 2010, one of my favorite pics

Winter photo shoot 2009

Area VIII eventing, 2010

Same PA show in 2010, majestic AF

My favorite face

Winter 2012

Oh lord, winning some hunter classes in 2013

2012 XC at MIll Creek PC HT, we got eliminated haahaha

2013 eventing dressage in STL, forget the show name

We ended up 8th at training with one refusal XC

2014 winter jumper show

One of my absolute fav pics, Jumper show 2013


He killed it, and neck ribbon!

Travelling to OH from MO for Equine Affaire OTTB showcase!


Mill Creek PC HT Dressage, best score to date, we were 3rd after this, then got E on XC< haha

Another favorite, William Woods College Winter Jumper Show

Jumper show and drinking, like adults

Yankee has hops

Double thumbs up over 3'9 oxer

Another favorite

USDF Regionals

He was a star!
7th place at some USEA event in MO

TIP award winner and Training Level champ 

Another super favorite

Always swaggy

I closed my eyes over this beast

Winter Jumper show 

5ft like its NBD

Prelim table like its NBD

Truly the horse of a lifetime. I miss him more than words can describe, but I get to see his cute face in 2 weeks!