Sunday, June 22, 2014


I was going to blog about my past few AMAZING rides but I have lost all motivation to be positive.

I got a comment on my last post to stop complaining, but sometimes people get upset and vent blog is where I do that on occasion. If ya'll don't like it then just dont read! But I have been and always will be sarcastic and snarky about most situations.

And something rather devastating happened this morning so brace yourselves for a few months of me being REALLY frustrated.

I got kicked.....HARD.

I am injured...pretty badly.

Tore my thigh muscle real good. Can't bend my knee....and thus, ride. Or work out.

For about 2-3 months.

Will I heed these instructions? Most likely not.

(I'll probably get fat again. And be real sad I can't show this season.)

I just got B and want to keep him in work (hello lunging and bareback rides) AND my friends mare arrived for training yesterday.

What fucking horrendous timing.

I swear to god my life is full of moments of excellence to lull me into happiness then shits on me, haha.

Granted, it wasn't my HEAD or knee and I didn't break anything, but a tear is pretty serious. You can literally stick your finger in the hole in my leg...its gross. And apparently my leg is going to fill up with blood and get a really hard lump and just be gross and bruised.

So, with GOOD reason, I am real upset today about life.

Here's a pic from my last flat ride and of my beautiful boys because why not

I am going to try my best to stay positive, but COME ON life, WHY. Everything was going great.