Saturday, January 5, 2013


Why in the FLIP is blogger so god damn retarded?!

I have tried literally everything to upload these mother loving pictures and nothing I am doing is working.

Do you know how much of a bitch it is to go through 110 FB albums and pick out pictures you want....twice?!?

Really effing annoying.

All I want to do is blog about Yankees life.

Thats all I want.

That and some chinese food. And an equigold euro style pad. And some shipping boots.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

A whole decade.

 Hope everyone has a bitchin holiday. MIne was utterly exhausting. I'm actually GLAD to be back in the routine of horses, work, sleep, horses, sleep, work. Like, I can't even.

As you all might be aware, all wittle TBs turn a year older on the New Year and my sweet grumpy nose is officially old as dirt.

He turned ten this year and I almost cried. They grow up so fast. And I feel like he might die tomorrow. I had a panic attack basically thinking about how far we haven't come. We should be at Prelim at this point in his life, I mean come on, he's badass enough.

I WAS going to do this sweet epic blogpost, but after discovering I document my horses' life like a human mother might do with her spawn, I realized this is a large task best delegated to a series of posts, broken up into years.

I also drove over 1,900 miles in the last 6 days and I am thrashed. Going through FB and re-saving all the pics (all have been lost since...thank GOD for social networking) wore my eyes out too, so this post is lackluster and full of suspense at best.

Most of you probably haven't seen pics from 2007-2011 unless you facebook creeped me hard, which is acceptable of course and encouraged. Though for those who havent, don't worry....I have mas amounts of pictorial documentation of our shennanigans when he truly was a little buttface.

To launch this "mini series", I was going to leave you all with a sweet titillating pic tease but god damned blogger is being a little bitch and absolutely REFUSES to work.

Here is the link to my FB if you want to see our first ride in 2007 barely 2 months off the track. I'm also in a tank top and sweatpants. Its beautiful.

(p.s. if blogger doesn't upload the mass amounts of pics I found and resaved I might kill myself over the 2 hours I will have lost. And possibly throw my computer out the window first. Gah)