Friday, August 21, 2015

In Three's

They say bad things come in threes. 

I'm really hoping they do and my life will get back in order soon. 

I'm counting my self mutilating horse as one. All three of his injuries combined. *eye roll*

Two would be my car. I got a recall on it in the mail and took it in and of course on top of the recalls (things like, drivers airbag, and wheel suspension) it needed like $1000 worth of other repairs. Not surprised, as it has over 215k miles but damn, come on. 

Three, would be me. 

Yep. That's me in the hospital. 

My ovary decided to explode, which in case you didn't know is the same pain level and symptoms as an appendix, but goes on for many more days & can't be fixed with surgery. 

So I've been off work since Wednesday and taking up space in bed, watching a lot of Netflix and ingesting a lot of Vicodin. 

Just wondering how much a CAT scan, 3 ultrasounds, a biopsy and 24 hours in the hospital will cost me. 

At this point I'm just laughing. Like fml. 

Levi is being very cute and supportive  though

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

*** If queasy, don't scroll very far. I'm showing progress pics of "the injury". You've been warned. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Equitation Evolution

Got this idea from Lauren at She Moved to Texas who got it from Alison at Pony'Tude and I loved it so much I decided to steal it.

And considering I'm sans riding for quite some time thank to my dumbass redhead, I thought it would be fun to dig around the internets and take a trip down memory lane.

I've been riding for quite some time now, and actually started jumping a few years into the addiction, but sadly, because that was pre-camera phone there is not much photographical evidence.

Behold, the first known jumping picture, of tiny me on my tiny Arab jumping a tiny fence.

How fucking adorable. My mother probably regrets ever having let my trainer get me into eventing. I was about 10 here, and it was my "first" year eventing. This was a tiny backyard show, but I also believe my first "jumper" show. Even as a nugget I wasn't too horrible. Thank god for German trainers.

Second oldest picture in existence has to be this one...

I was 11 1/2, and had just moved up from a tiny pony to a slightly larger pony, who could actually jump. I sadly, had a nasty habit of propping. Oh to be a nugget.

And damn this horse could jump. I only have about 3 pictures of him jumping, sadly, but he had some knees and he cleaned up in jumpers. He was also an average eventer, but a rockstar jumper.

This was our first recognized USEA event and I want to say I was 12 or 13, judging from my size difference from the last photo. Thankfully I stopped jumping ahead, but developed a lovely habit of ducking.

From there, there's a huge gap in photo coverage which is sad, but not really, because I did not really improve.

15 years old and still ducking.

At this point I had acquired Yankee as well.

Novice, 2007
This was our first Novice together. Back to jumping ahead!

Training, 2008
^ About a year later, 2008, STILL jumping ahead!

By 2009 and a million training level USEA shows later, I finally got my shit together with my jumping ahead, but then restricted my release. Dammit, self.

2010, I was back at the awkward jump position. I had gained a lot of weight in college and I was very off my gravity game. I also was coming back from a horrendous injury and I was super weak, yay leg swinging!

Not sure what doing

Ah yes, the get left behind era

By late 2011 I had gotten left behind less, but fatter me still could not get it under control. I was either ducking or jumping ahead. I also had just moved barns.

What is my deal
This is where I lose track of what is what year, but I know 2013 was "my" year. I got my shit together. I was rock solid. I rode all the time. And jumped the moon.

I think theres a few 2012 in here, but not sure.

I even dabbled with some tricks

no hands, double thumbs up

And auto release practice

And to cap off 2014 in MO, we jumped 4 ft.

And then 5 ft

And then I got kicked in Spring 2014, barely rode for several months, and jumped in late fall with Yankee for the first time in ages

Felt pretty great- it was like my eq never left!

Then I sent him off to KS and I started jumping B and whomp-whomp, sucked again.

No but really wat is this

Come on

Full circle I guess hahaha

The one thing that remains consistent? Heels. Heels DOWN always haha.