Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Adventuretime, Homesickness and Horse Shows

I'm sure you've all noticed I've been gone for quite some time from the blogsphere. Mostly because  I've been having the adventure of a lifetime, but also because taxes and new job hunt and errands and life.

First, I wanted to thank you all for your notes on my last post. Grandma was a special person to me and it truly rocked my world in the worst way when she left us. I will always remember the impact she had on my horsey life...miss you Gma!

Secondly, where in the world have I been? technically just the USA...but ALL OVER IT!

My best friend from ohio called me about a month ago and was like "Hey. I'm moving to L.A. for an engineering job. They gave me $5k to relocate. Want to keep me company and pay no dollars?"

And I was like...

She continued, "We are going to take 9 days to drive 2500 miles. We can stop in Nashville, Memphis, Dallas, Amarillo, Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, then stop in vegas for 3 days then end in L.A. hows that sound?"

And I was like...

So we did. And it was BANGIN.

 I have about a 100 more pics (all on my FB) from this amazing trip! My favorites had to be Nashville and the Grand Canyon. Vegas was...weird. But fun. Met some interesting people and saw some baller landscapes. The USA is so diverse! From a small town Midwestern town, the difference is crazy. I loved it!

I was SERIOUSLY homesick after the first 5 days though-it was nice to get away but I really did miss my boys. All of them. Dog, human, and horse. Horse especially.

As soon as I got home, despite the -15* windchill, I hopped on him and romped in the snow!

 He was squirrely, but soooo happy to be out and paid attention to again.

I have two short term goals we will be working on in February. One is to become the Thoroughbred ambassador for NVRA where I adopted Yankee from. Been working on the entry all month...now I just need the world to thaw so I can make my video. Two is to make it to the WWU Jumper Show at the end of the month. He's had over a month off so that may be too steep a goal, but hes a TB, he bounces back nicely.

We most likely won't make Texas Rose in March because I am flat broke. Though the tax return will be nice and my inheritance from Gma, but I want to save that AND we haven't ran XC in over a year. ACK!

Currently lining up the rest of the show season. STOKED!

Now I just need Missouri to stop pretending its Antarctica so I can WORK MY HORSE