Friday, November 11, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Ok wow this is like 3 weeks late but better late than never, right? Right.
I might be getting over my second sickness quit well, thanks to the boy, who has been feeding me sickiness meds and making me food and letting me sleep all day while he takes care of my dog and horse. How sweet :D
In bad news, I haven't been able to ride, so thats a bummer. After Thanksgiving, I SWEAR, the pony will get shaved, and go back into at least 4 days a week work.
So here is some picture spam from liek 3 weeks ago. And yes, it is still like 70 dregrees here. Ok not 70, but its still t-shirt weather. I HATE.
He was enjoying our canter in the pasture

Nice reach bud
I love this one...wish it wasn't blurry

My position really blows. I think its because my leathers were too long and I didnt notice. Whatevs.
Also I jumped Yankee Sunday and he was VERY good. The saddle issues were fixed just by moving it back some, so thats a relief!
There are a few videos on my FB of the jumping I did Sunday, but for some reason my retarded phone and computer both fail at life, as usual and I can't link it. Sadface.
Until next time, fellow nerds.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nerdy For Horses

It was recently brought to my attention that I am a nerd.

Definition-Nerd is a term that refers to an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit. Nerds are generally considered to be awkward, shy and/or unattractive by most,  gains pleasure from amassing large quantities of knowledge about subjects often too detailed or complicated for most other people to be bothered with.  Thus, a nerd is often excluded from physical activity and considered a loner by others, or will tend to associate with a small group of like-minded people.

Impossible. Its not like I play World of Warcraft or anything. Oh wait...

I have like 1000 friends on FB. I do college people things like wear high heels and go out. My hair is always perfect and I never do it. I make random friends by putting my phone number on cars (enter new man interest). I might be awkward, but its hilarious. Maybe I study a bit...but I'm no nerd.

My new man interest though showed me that I am indeed, a nerd....

...nerdy for horses. Which apparently guys find sexy nowadays? Who frecking knew.

But he is right. I pondered about this for approx. 3 minutes and came up with a list (which only solidifies his claim further).

Specific Explanations for Why I am Indeed, a Nerd
-general extreme excitement about horse races on ESPN/ recall stats about racehorses like its common knowledge
-recall stats about major big time sporthorse stallions like its common knowledge
-watching every horse movie, wether or not it is excellent...Derby Stallion...Secretariat...
-owning every horsey movie pretty much ever made
-loudly voicing opinions to no one in particular about horsey Youtube videos (my voice may or may not get nasally and geeky)
-reciting book definitions of ailments, body parts, tack or sports when asked simple questions, like "what color is that horse?" or "What is a handicap race?" (in the same geeky voice)
-continue to spew word vomit till other person shifts nervously in seat and tries to make hasty exit
-57 horse books on my shelf
-trophies in my room, flaunting my semi-successes
-txt pictures of my horse making stupid faces to non horse friends *eye rolls*
-txt pictures of my horse making stupid faces to horse friends
-txt pictures of new tack to other tack whore friends
-Epic shrine dedicated to previous and current ponyfaces
-3 mag subscriptions..diligently poured over
-Hating Fuglyblog and reading every. single. comment.
-researching throughout 4 different tack stores for the best value
-new tack is like wait, better than.
-sport heroes include Karen O'Conner and Darren Chiacchia, not Babe Ruth or Tim Tebow
-immediately judging a rider/ voicing opinion to nearest person, wether or not I know them/they are a horse person or not
-ditto for horse, but insert words like, F-ing gorgeous, fugly, psycho or drugged up the ass
-drawing horses constantly...this is probably the most nerdy thing I do
-wearing riding clothes to school and finding it normal
-fantazing about trucks and trailers

Its true. I am a horse nerd. I didnt realize it until now.

But its ok.

Speaking of nerdy things like drawing horses so much it becomes weird. I drew this on a study break. Yay.

Go, my friends, be nerdy with me :D

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Didn't Die, I Promise

I've just been supremely busy/hella lazy about blogging. Also I've been waiting on my friend to upload pictures for me, but she hasnt yet....FAIL.

They were really good too, galloping and jumping.

So to catch you all up...
First say hello to fall...
Oh herro ponyface.
It was finally FALL weather (45degrees), for about 2 days. Then we got snow..WTF, then back up to 75. I hate.

I think I left off about 2 weeks ago (maybe longer) with saddle issues. Which I think I figured out, but I will get to that in a bit. 

I gave him a week off since I had midterms. I got raped. I fail at college.

I jumped Yankee last Sunday and it was...interesting. He was crabby as a mo' fo' but still jumped like a champ, just with some extreme bronc action and ear laying. Perplexing.

He refused once (which I got on camera, haha) but otherwise, jumped perfectly. I set up a small course, and one large oxer. I'd say it was about 3ft wide and 3'6 or 3'9, I really have no idea. I have pictures...but they're still on the camera.

After that I gave him a day off, and ever since then I've been riding him every other day, switching it up with Dressage school, hack/gallop and jump ride. I didn't ride over the weekend at though, because I am sick. That WOULD happen to me right as we were getting back in the swing of things and right before TWO massive exams. Excellent.

Here is a video of part of our hack. Its a link to FB, so I don't know if you can see it if you're not friends with me. Droid fails to upload to YouTube=pissing me off.

My ex left town and gave me Big Sexy back...

As for the saddle/dressage issues. I MIGHT have figured it out. MAYBE. It might have been a fluke, but we will see come Thursday (when I can ride again).

I rode him once without adjustment and he was just ok, still had some stiff trot work, but I kept him busy with transitions and lateral work (which seemed to help a bit).

The big change I noticed was when I moved his saddle back. A LOT. Like, where you would think it shouldn't be. BUT it made a massive difference. No more stiff ponyface, glorious trot work and he held impulsion in his haunches in all the way down the long side.

Hopefully I can try my theory out more this week after Thursday, but I have GOT to study/get better. I'm trying to wrangle my friend Ben into lunging him for me so he isn't sitting around getting crabby and lazy. He seemed to enjoy the every other day attetion/rides.

And here are some pictures of his cookie face. He is adorable.
Ok, well thats a yawn, but still adorable.
Here is a video.

I'm becoming the crazy cat-horse lady. I literally have like 100 pics of him on my phone.
I am possibly the most boring person ever, unless its Friday.