Saturday, February 20, 2016

Yankee Update

I am so exhausted I can't even person right now, and I wasn't even there with him like Jackie was. I will explain more later, but he pulled through surgery. It was long and complicated. Recovery is long and everything is up in the air right now, not really sure of a plan moving forward except he will stay at the hospital for 2 more weeks. Communication is slow, but I am forever grateful to the University of Missouri emergency vet team working until 2AM to save my horse.

I have no words right now. Just happy he's still with us. Full update coming when I actually can process shit. 

Thank you for all the well wishes, you literally don't know how that helped me through the night. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Temperature Changes

Quick little update since I have nothing new in regards to riding to talk about...

Mr. Yankee is currently battling what seems to be impaction colic, second time in 2 years. 

I feel helpless, since he's 4 states away, and I can't do jack shit but sit here and try to mitigate panic. Luckily, he has Jackie and the vet team there, but I'm still feeling all the feelings right now. 

I'm beginning to think that in his "old" age, he's getting more and more sensitive to rapid temperature changes. Last spring he was with me, when it went from 15* to 60* in about 3 days, boom, colic. This time, it's about the same situation. It's been cold, and all of a sudden, 70*.

It's crazy to me that a simple change in temperature can impact a horses' system. Supposedly. I know there's many other factors at work, but this is too often to be coincidence. 

Anyways, keep him in your thoughts today. I'm worried about my OG 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Superstar Shredder

I don't know about any of you, but I haven't ridden since last week because of the cold, and then homework. Slow news day, haha. I *tried* to ride Tuesday, but Bacardi managed to snap my bridle in half....

He was actually quite the gentlemen while I was lunging him before our ride and I was rather impressed, considering he had been stuck inside due to blizzard and cold for almost a week. 

As I was putting away the lunge line (rolling it up) he somehow managed to break my bridle. I'm thinking what happened was, he went in for the face run on the shoulder (bad pony!) and caught his bit on the lunge line hooks then freaked out and pulled back. I only knew this was happening because I had the reins looped around my arm, my back was turned and got yanked back. As I whipped around to see what's wrong, I see Bacardi standing there looking mortified with the bit hanging down and my bridle in peices. Cool. 

His gums were tender so I opted to not even switch bridles and continue. 

This horse, man. 

He is seriously the most destructive animal I've ever known. And not just to bridles, halters and blankets. 

His own face he destroys on the reg. I mean really tears it up. If he doesn't stop he's going to have one ugly mug when he gets older. 

My special snowflake comes in with a new cut on his face EVERY. DAY. Not exaggerating. 

I count 11 separate cuts and scrapes. There's one on the bridge of his nose that was particularly deep, but now healed. We debated calling the vet out again for MORE stitches on his pretty face (see last post for face gash), but it actually closed up  nicely on its own. 

Incredibly frustrating though to see all these marks on his face. It looks like I beat him! Some of them aren't healing well either and scar up or don't grow hair back, even with Vit E oil treatments. I'm hoping come summer maybe they'll blend in, but right now he looks like Frankenstein. I'm terrified he will gouge an eye out someday!

Do any of you have horses that are superstars at something? Shredding blankets (hey B), breaking bridles (what's up B) or injuring themselves (lookin at you B)? 

He's going to give me an aneurysm someday, I swear. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What Do Wednesday; Trailering

Another week, another Wednesday, another blogpost asking my readers What Do?

Recently, a few fellow bloggers have acquired something wonderful; their own horse trailer.

I was incredibly lucky to have my POS (literally awful) stock trailer throughout my teenage and college years as a younger equestrian. Having grown up in the BF of nowhere OH, I think my parental units got overwhelmingly exhausted driving my brother and I all over creation for track, football, scouts, 4-H, school and horse shows. Essentially, the second I turned 15, my father bought a rig and taught me how to drive it. Many hours were spent in parking lots, learning trailering essentials like backing and stopping distances. Then, as soon as I obtained my license at 16, I was on my own. It was terrifying, but also liberating.

I always kind of felt like the equivalent of an equestrian peasant, because I didn’t have a super fancy featherlite, but I was mobile and I could go anywhere, and did. I even trailered my horses to MO with me when I went to college, and back when I came home after. I got really used to driving the trailer and it became second nature, loading up the beasts and hauling out. I soon learned that it WAS expensive, but rewarding and liberating. I also soon learned that literally everyone was begging for rides, but I was always happy to oblige since my POS had room for 3! I remember one time hauling my friends half-perch, my OTTB and then a small Quarab to a show…my poor rig was groaning haha.

Then, the wonderful day came, two and a half years ago that I was able to trade in my POS truck (RIP Big Sexy) and POS trailer for my super hot and powerful SUV and lightweight straightload. Love at first sight. I still love my rig…

my  BA vehicle

my pimpin trailer

Yankee approved
…but now that I’ve been driving a trailer for almost ten years, I’m pretty much over it and I am no longer excited about it. Coupled with a horse that literally hates to load more than anything else in the world, its an exhausting experience and no longer stimulates joy in my brain. I actually dread hauling and all it entails. Checking tires, brakes, connections, emergency equipment, ball & chain safety, maintenance, rust removal, tire replacement, hooking up, etc etc. it is not a freedom I enjoy as much as I should, because I know a lot of people struggle to have mobility.

Moving to OH from MO
These days, I tend to make decisions on trailering out and show/schooling opportunities based off the ease of said trailering. I don’t have the time like I did back in “the day” to spend hours maintaining my rig and preparing for an adventure does take time. Especially because my trailer lives outside, and I don’t go places often, each trip requires extensive checking. For me, this usually occurs after work, at night, perhaps battling cold or rain. Not fun. Also keeping in mind, until recently, Bacardi was an ass pain to load. Like actually took literal hours sometimes or huge fights leaving both of us exhausted. It hasn’t been easy by any means lately.

Example A, bashing face on said trailer 

Example B, 1.5 hours later and dripping sweat

God I miss Yankee more than usual sometimes, and his self loading self 

Now coupled with the discovery that Bacardi easily loads into my trainers trailer, I’ve been using her to haul him everywhere, happy to pay the fee to not deal with any of it.

I know, I am the worst type of person.

So now, most of my decisions are based off “is my trainer going?” instead of “do I feel like going?”, which is huge and weird for me.

For example, I had fully intended to attend the last Lochmoor Snowflake Series schooling show of the year this weekend…but based off the fact that Supertrainer is heading to FL the day before, she will not be taking a trailerful of students to a show here in OH. Therefore, I most likely will not be going. I can ride without her, I’m not one of those people that NEED their trainer to be there at all times, but I have been using her as a crutch to haul. In addition, no one else from the barn will be going, since Supertrainer wont be going, and I LOATHE going to shows 100% alone, now that I’ve experienced the other side (I used to go alone always) .. Especially in the dead of winter, with a semi- fractious horse who doesn’t load well. Not a recipe for success.

So anyways, “luckily” that’s the last show offered until she get back, so I don’t have to worry about transporting until then. But what I want to know is what everyone else does. Do you have your own rig? If so, what is it (I LOVE hearing about trailers) and do you love or hate it? If you don’t how do you find rides? Friends? Trainer? Tell me dear readers, what do?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Shopping & Crafting

This weekend was super eventful. I spent the majority of it crafting, binge watching Vikings on Hulu, chugging coffee and shopping on ETT. Oops.

In the last week really, I have newly acquired a schooling quality standing marginal, FITS breeches, white full seat breeches for dressage, colored rein stops, and Equilibrium Stretch/Flex boots. Each item was LESS than $50 each too. YES. FITS Breeches for less than $50. I couldn't believe it either. And the Equilibirums I got for $40. FORTY. 2 items I could never afford full price and there they were on ETT for a steal. What is life. I follow Aimee's standard for shopping, if its super cheap, buy it, even if you don't need it. I needed everything but the Equlibriums though. And the FITS. Okay okay.. In other news, I might have found a saddle, like to purchase. More on that later. Sidetone if anyone knows anyone that needs a size 16 saddle, let me know.

So what else did I do this weekend besides not ride because it was -10* windchill and blizzarding the whole fucking weekend? CRAFTED. 

Yes, crafting. I haven't done much in the ways of creativity lately, unless you count sketching a little here and there...

...but Jackie (aka BFF Extraordinaire and Yankeepants second momma) requested a stall plate and I was like, UM YES ABSOLUTELY I want one too, lets get crafty. To Michael's!

The most expensive shit was the wood stain and chain, otherwise, the wood itself wasn't too pricey. (SPEND ALL THE MONEY!!)

I will tell you this, staining wood, in the garage, when its -10 outside is less than wonderful and the stain itself wasn't really drying. SO, I brought the whole operation inside and covered my tables with paper bags and was so so so careful. So. Careful.

Before and after, 3 coats
Staining wood is insanely fun for some reason, and I was like, what else can I stain? STAIN EVERYTHING.

After the stain was dry (I did 3 coats, about 45 minutes in-between each coat, I cleaned/watched TV while they were drying, questioned life and my sanity) I then got to work painting the names. Yes, I used stencils, because I didnt want to spend four hours with a shaky hands (too much coffee) painting letters.

I painted 3 coats on the letters after the original stenciling was done, which was horrible because my hand was shaking, but I got it done. Then, I painted around the outside because reasons. Afterwards, I glued on the wooden crowns, because OTTBs, that I bought for $.99 and felt super accomplished for the day.

The whole process took almost all day simply because of dry time, and I'm still not quite done because I need to find a way to attach the chains so they can hang and be portable for shows!

I might start selling these for anyone who wants one, as I can do ANY color, any stain and any design, painted or glued.

I made these with the intention to be portable  & I think they turned out pretty baller. Despite no riding, the house is clean, I am fully stocked on tack and clothes and my DIY crafting was a success! Yay weekend.