Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December Questions

Oh HAI.. Remember when  said I was super excited to get back to lifting and riding?? HAHA. More on that in a second.

Before I start December questions because I have no content, WE GOT OUR FALL PICS BACK!!!

LIKE. I am actually DED.
I have like 300 of them. I cried actual tears when I went through them all. Like, TEARS.

 So those were lovely, not sorry you'll be seeing them forever,  and I was super extra motivated  to get back in the swing of things. My days were planned, my meals were prepped, my gym bag was packed. Then, I lifted on lunch once, then promptly fucked my ankle by falling outside on ice after work, heading to the barn...

This is today
LOL @ my life. Whatever, I hope it gets better quick. I'm nowhere near my deductible so I'm not stepping foot in the ER. I can still walk, sort of.

So, December questions:

1. Does your horse need shoes?
Yankee does if he’s expected to be ridden. If I were to retire him I would yank them off and toss him in a field and he would be fine. If he’s being ridden & shown though, absolutely. He has the actual worst feet in the world.  B does not need them, but I will admit he trots bigger with them. I’ve never known a TB to be OK barefoot though, so I consider that a win, regardless.

2. What do you think of the barefoot vs shoes debate?
I think its asinine. Domesticated horses generally require shoes, it’s the nature of owning and showing them and keeping them confined. If your horse can go without, more power to ya! Horse people will literally tear each other apart over everything, for real, and this is one of them

3. Favorite season for riding?
Easily fall. I loathe summer; so sweaty, bugs, storms, sunburn etc. UGH. And spring is just wet. So soggy. And it starts to get humid and reminds me of summer. Winter isn’t horrible unless you like your toes freezing off. So absolutely fall. SO. PRETTY.

4. How many shows do you think you’ve gone to? Too many to count?
Oh my god, too many to count. Before I went to college and became broke, I showed almost every weekend. The amount of ribbons I have is insane and needs to be made into a quilt.

5. Do you consider yourself a good rider? 
Define good.
By my own and maybe several others standards, I would say yes.
 Recently, not really—considering I have yet again lost most muscle tone and riding strength, lmao. #ForeverStruggs

6. How experienced do you think someone needs to be to own a horse? 
This is such an open ended and difficult question to answer because of all the variables. For example, I was 10 years old when I owned my first horse. My parents bought her for me and I literally did all the work. They did nothing. However, we boarded her for 6 months with my trainer while she taught me the ins-and-outs of horse ownership and what was considered normal and not normal. She was also only 4 minutes from my house, so if I had question, we would call her. Essentially, my hand was held because I knew nothing.
If someone who knows nothing about horses just buys a horse and thinks they can handle it, I would laugh in their face and hope the poor horse doesn’t die of colic. That being said, there are very experienced horse folks that shouldn’t own horses either. Such a fine and precarious line.

7. Have you ever gotten in a fight with your trainer?
No, but for some reason when I left for college she (not current trainer, old eventing trainer) stopped talking to me and refuses to acknowledge my existence when I see her at shows. OKAY?

8. Describe your dream horse?

No but literally, he is. Which making listing him for sale even more difficult. 

9. Does anyone in your family ride?
My dad actually rode a lot with me. He ADORED Spirit, the Wonder Pony and loved to gallop him. I always said dad had two speeds with that horse- walk and gallop. He also rode Lily (my old sassy black QH I used to have) quite often as well. Mom actually was a HJ growing up and showed a bit. She rode with me a few times throughout the years, but I think she prefers to pet them and stuff their faces with treats.

10. If you could ride any horse in the world, which one would it be and why?
Do they have to be alive? Because I would give my left tit to gallop Man O War. He is everything.


  1. Holy crap, your photos! So lovely!!!

  2. LOL left tit, i thought i was the only idiot who said stuff like that

    man o war is a REALLY good choice. i'd definitely want to ride something fast!!

  3. damn those ankle pics give me ptsd flashbacks ughhhhh. tho my bruising was on the outside of the ankle, not the inside. so hey, congrats, at least you definitely don't have my exact same injury!! hopefully it's not serious tho :(

  4. Fuck ankles. Somehow I missed #6 in mine. Oops