Wednesday, December 28, 2011

War Horse Fail

MY GOD. That movie was just awfulness wrapped in fail sauce. (Though Jeremy Irvine could be rather dreamy if I get past the fact that he really was a drag in this movie)

I was SO pissed it fell short of my above average standards and did not even come close to living up to the massive hype that was created around it. Rotten tomatoes gave it a 75%, which I feel is severely overstating the watchability of this movie, especially if you are a horse person. Which is most of us here.

All of my horse friends were not even excited for it and I defended the movie, saying its going to be so good, you wait and see! But no, Speilburg, you made me look like an ass. Thanks a ton.

So for those of you who havent yet suffered through this gooey movie, please spare yourselves. I can't decide which was worse, watching him train the young Joey with earnest conversation, the fact that they treated him like a dog ("Stay Joey, stay!" or, "Come, Joey!"), the absurd acting, extreme sappiness or unrealistic scenes. Like seriously, any horse that runs into barbed wire fencing will be slashed to bits instantly, NOT able to run through two more and drag them in full gallop. ABSURD.

The horses who played Joey were freakin' gorgeous though and I really want them. Stacey told me the main one was an OTTB, even more to love! I get irritated easily though at the fact that they didnt even try to keep his tail the same when they used different horses. I might be the only one who noticed/cared since a) I'm obsessed with tails b) I'm a horse person, but they should at least attempt to make them all generally look the same. I mean, I KNOW they painted socks on some of them; not hard to tell, but to go from one horse having this GORGEOUS long, thick tail and in the next scene its scrawny and thin, then back to full...I'm just like WTF!! The cinematography was sweet though I guess and I loved the scene where he was galloping through the battlefield, until he hit the barbed wire...
These were cool stills though...

My mom loved it though, so maybe only horse people find it ridiculous.

Speilburg says,In this day, people don't have exposure, they don't have interaction with horses,” he said. “I hope this movie makes people appreciate the innate and natural intelligence of horses. And I also hope this movie brings an awareness to the plight of horses both after World War I and the plight today in a very sad turn of events in which the slaughtering of horses is being permitted for food as a renewed export industry, which makes us all very sad.”

Did any of you see it? What did you think?

We sheltered beneith their salt crusted hides.
They trusted our voices, laid down and died.
Those that were left
became dust on the shore.
Lest we forget, the perils of war.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Good and Bad

The video basically says it all..

We jumped a course today consisting of right bending line (2 stride) oxers, left rollback to swedish oxer, then swing left to a bounce, 4 strides to the triple bar. He was on and off today. Quit good in the beginning, then towards the 25 minute mark he was just getting ancy and sucking back. Not sure of if was my riding (most likely) or him being ancy-pantsy. Either way, I was sadface.

In other news, it rained for 3 days...I HATE.

Short post today.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Are You Guys Hot Today?

I am!

It's approx. 57 degrees. In Missouri. In the middle of December.


This time last year the mercury dropped below zero...and now I'm sweating.

Only partially complaining a) filthy horse got a bath b) rode outside

But STILL I need snow at Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Time

Is much less fun when you're not 6 years old.

But I still have a list for Santa.

Dear Santa Claus,
I would greatly appreciate winning the lottery please. It would also be handy to get my credit card paid off and get me all A's on my exams. Not to be greedy, but I really need new tall show boots. My current ones make me look midgety and they are quite old and dying. It would be awesome if you could teach my horse how to do flying changes, piaffes and execute perfect sidepasses. I mean, that'd be just swell. You know what else? It'd be super neat to have a self cleaning stall. Or a stable boy. Could you convince my boyfriend to do that for me? Thanks. Also, please tell me who to vote for next year. I am really quite lost and I know that this next president could make or break my future. Perhaps too, rustle up a "Graduating from College and Entering the Real World For Real For Dummies" guidebook. I'd really appreciate it. And lastly and rather greedily, I would just love another thoroughbred. For some reason I just love those psycho creatures and can't stop looking up ones for adoption. Ok Santa, I realize I have a long list and I sound like any other greedy ass American, but I really need to catch a break, and you, my favorite fatman are made of Christmas miracles. Love you long time.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Well F*** Me. Retail Therapy Needed.

Remember how I said it couldn't get any worse and things were mellowing out in terms of bad things happening?

Apparently that was false.

It seemed like my life ended last Wednesday...I've been a complete black hole since then.
Not only did I have the week from hell with final examinations (BEFORE official exam week), piles of last minute assignments to turn in, and exams to cram for...but I am dealing with possible expulsion from the University for low GPA (an ENTIRE clusterf*** of ubsurdness that basically ruins my entire joke. I will go into at another time) but I got the worst possible news at the worst possible time at exactly 2:32 PM on Wednesday.

I was studying my ass off and fooling with a few friends, trying to shake off pre-exam jitters and trying to make the marketing exam my bitch when I get a text from the BF.
It read, "Are you alone?"
Thinking, "What a naughty boy, he knows I'm studying"
I laughed it off and said "No".
I get a reply that reads, "Go get alone and call me".
My heart sinks. This can't be good. It can only mean one thing.

The instant he picks up, I hear his voice and it is thick with tears. My buff, extremely manly BF is crying. Nothing else could bring him to tears like this....My dog had to have died. YEP. Sure did.

He tells me what happened (Tonka had a horrible seizure, lost control of bodily functions, foamed at the mouth, stopped breathing, and died. BF gave him CPR, but he was gone...just like that) and I stand there...absolutely FLOORED.


I can't take this in. I think he is f***ing with me. I tell him to cut the shit and stop, he knows I have an exam in less than half an hour. How could my sweet Tonka be dead? He is only two years long a life to live. I saved him from death...this was not his time. He was 2 yrs old, perfectly healthy. What the f***.

Then I realize he isn't messing and I lose my shit. ABSOLUTELY lose it. Right in the middle of the Student Center...I am bawling, shaking, crying, screaming...and I don't care who sees me. I run back to my friends and they can barely make out what I am saying through the tears and sobs. No frecking way am I in any shape to take an exam. I was the epitome of a hot mess and in no way able to function. I could barely breathe...I felt like I lost a child, and to me, he was my child.

I don't know how many of you out there will understand, but I had a connection with this dog more powerful than anything I've ever felt in my life. More than with any horse, more than any dog...more than any human. I felt like my life ended. I was stunned. I couldnt do anything but cry...and I did, for over an hour. I talked to my professor and he was surprisingly understanding. The exam I was about to take was ridiculously difficult and VERY important (like...decides whether or not I can stay in school or not) and there was no possible way I could do it in the shape I was in. He felt for me (dog lover) and is letting me take it in January. How nice.

Tonka was the most amazing creature I had ever met. Surprisingly forgiving, unconditionally loving, courageous, sweet, cuddly, soft and understanding.

His story begins 14 months ago when I found him on a highway in the middle of Missouri's winter. Surely close to death, I took him in. Fed him, bathed him, loved him.

He grew to be my closest companion. He was with me through numerous road trips, moving, my car accident, quitting my job, my break up, moving again, and he kept me sane. His sweet little face always brightened my day, and every night he cuddled up with me to sleep. I know in his little heart he had experienced pain, but he let me in, just like I let him in mine. We understood each other perfectly, we healed each other and he went with me everywhere. I spoiled that little shit beyond belief and he knew it. He was as much a part of my life as waking up everyday was. I loved him with my whole being, my whole soul...and now I feel empty. Lifeless.

After crying for a day and a half, I laid him to rest in Yankees pasture. After that I couldn't cry any more. I just laid in bed for 2 whole days. I didnt move...didnt shower...didnt eat. I had someone feed Yankee for me. I called off work. I didnt even watch TV. I just laid there. For 48 hours. The depression gripped me like a steel hand and wouldnt let go...squeezed the life out of me. I felt dead. I still feel...empty. But at least I have some movement. I've eaten, Ive worked out, Ive studied for my last final, I rode my horse...I've showered. But I can't shake this sucking depression that is a black hole in my soul. I know it will get better, but I miss that shithead more than anything right now.

Yankee said his goodbyes to Tonka. He stood there for 5 minutes...head hanging, absolutely still. I caught this photo as he was leaving. Animals are amazing beings.

Most of you probably understand, since most of us are animal people...but what you might not grasp is how much a part of me this little dog was. It kills me inside that he suffered a horrible, painful death. I know he suffered and it breaks my heart. I wish he could have gone peacefully and with me there, to give him a kiss on his sweet nose one last time. Some might think its ridiculous, my reaction...but my animals ARE my family. And I lost part of it last Wednesday.

So I went out and did what an grieving tack whore would do. I bought shit. A lot of it. My credit card suffered...and probably got rugburn from the swiping, but at least the ponyface got a sweet ass blanket out of the deal. And no, retail therapy didnt really help me. Nothing but time will right now.

Yankee being a hay-thief in his new duds. Tragedy aside...this is a kick ass blanket (will do product review later)

I will miss you forever, smalldog. Rest in peace lil guy.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lunging for Contact and Nakedness!

BEHOLD, nekked ponyface.

This was quite possibly the quickest shave Ive ever done at one hour, 5 minutes. Boss status.

Sort of, the blade wasnt that sharp and he has some lines in his neck and left cheek because when I went over it to smoothe it, it didnt even re-clip. Odd but whatever.

Cranky because he had to stay in ALL day. How tragic. 
I didnt want the shaved beast out in the pouring, cold effing rain. Even with a sheet on, he would have been soaked. And in my defense against you non-shaver people, all the horses that were not nude stayed in too. So there.
"BETCH, you better give me a cookie for this torture"

Oh and by the way...I totally effed up his face. Its extremely difficult to clip a goat-hair, finely boned TB with retarded huge clippers. Its a fact.
Isn't he just so much prettier without all that goat hair? Dont tell him I think his winter coat is fugly.

Ok so before I shaved him, I lunged him with a new technique I thought of to help insrease the stretch through his back, and relax him at the trot.

I'm not a fan of gimmicky things, especially tie down like objects or those stupid pessoa things, but I thought this "contraption" (I use that word lightly) would work nicely.

I took the lunge line through his bit, over the poll, through the other side (tied a knot below the bit so the line wouldnt tighten too far, and ran it under to the girth).

This I figured would simulate contact on both bit rings, as well as ENCOURAGE, not force him to relax over the back. Since I tied the knot, there was no way to even force him anyways.

I also kept the sidereins at 7 on both side, even contact.

So as you can see, relatively nice. I can't upload my video from the other side, which was AWESOME, because he actually made a mistake, and you can see how this worked to correct him, in a gentle, non-forceful way.

I doubt I will use this everytime, but it was nice to switch it up and see him actively working.
In other news, this would be my latest attempt in thwarting the ponyface who can eat 4 flake sof hay in about 20 minutes. Just call him yankee.

Creep feeder hay bag, IN the hay rack.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wow, Winning.

Another video of the same jumps, different order

As you can see, some brilliant, calm and small, coursework by the ponyface and I on 11/27

I would like to point out the minimal bucking/squeals coming from Yankeepants, landing on the correct leads, my super solid lower leg and wonderous jumping position. Quite solid if you ask me. *bows*

I know I've about dropped off the radar, but over T-giving I was in Ohio, and did no riding whatsoever, even though Ben kept Yankee in shape whilst I was gone. I hope to pick up the riding schedule more after next Friday when my rape-week is over. 4 exams in 5 days BEFORE finals week might just send me over the edge.

I went to see my pony in STL on my way to Ohio, so that was fun. Pictures on FB because I am too lazy/in a hurry to upload them onto here.

Not much to update, except that I am SUPER poor (but I did just get a legit new job that pays quite well....Can you say HELLO NEW TURNOUT BLANKET?!?), dying under the weight of exams, losing weight/running :D and clipping the goat-ponyface tomorrow. About time.

Sorry I am not more interesting but I have no super good news to report, or bad news to speak of, so thats brilliant.

I will continue to live vicariously through you, fellow bloggers, until my riding-mojo is restored.

OH and I WILL have a post on horse slaughter...coming soon. Some of you may be a BIT surprised on my views regarding this touchy subject. Dun Dun DUN.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Ok wow this is like 3 weeks late but better late than never, right? Right.
I might be getting over my second sickness quit well, thanks to the boy, who has been feeding me sickiness meds and making me food and letting me sleep all day while he takes care of my dog and horse. How sweet :D
In bad news, I haven't been able to ride, so thats a bummer. After Thanksgiving, I SWEAR, the pony will get shaved, and go back into at least 4 days a week work.
So here is some picture spam from liek 3 weeks ago. And yes, it is still like 70 dregrees here. Ok not 70, but its still t-shirt weather. I HATE.
He was enjoying our canter in the pasture

Nice reach bud
I love this one...wish it wasn't blurry

My position really blows. I think its because my leathers were too long and I didnt notice. Whatevs.
Also I jumped Yankee Sunday and he was VERY good. The saddle issues were fixed just by moving it back some, so thats a relief!
There are a few videos on my FB of the jumping I did Sunday, but for some reason my retarded phone and computer both fail at life, as usual and I can't link it. Sadface.
Until next time, fellow nerds.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nerdy For Horses

It was recently brought to my attention that I am a nerd.

Definition-Nerd is a term that refers to an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit. Nerds are generally considered to be awkward, shy and/or unattractive by most,  gains pleasure from amassing large quantities of knowledge about subjects often too detailed or complicated for most other people to be bothered with.  Thus, a nerd is often excluded from physical activity and considered a loner by others, or will tend to associate with a small group of like-minded people.

Impossible. Its not like I play World of Warcraft or anything. Oh wait...

I have like 1000 friends on FB. I do college people things like wear high heels and go out. My hair is always perfect and I never do it. I make random friends by putting my phone number on cars (enter new man interest). I might be awkward, but its hilarious. Maybe I study a bit...but I'm no nerd.

My new man interest though showed me that I am indeed, a nerd....

...nerdy for horses. Which apparently guys find sexy nowadays? Who frecking knew.

But he is right. I pondered about this for approx. 3 minutes and came up with a list (which only solidifies his claim further).

Specific Explanations for Why I am Indeed, a Nerd
-general extreme excitement about horse races on ESPN/ recall stats about racehorses like its common knowledge
-recall stats about major big time sporthorse stallions like its common knowledge
-watching every horse movie, wether or not it is excellent...Derby Stallion...Secretariat...
-owning every horsey movie pretty much ever made
-loudly voicing opinions to no one in particular about horsey Youtube videos (my voice may or may not get nasally and geeky)
-reciting book definitions of ailments, body parts, tack or sports when asked simple questions, like "what color is that horse?" or "What is a handicap race?" (in the same geeky voice)
-continue to spew word vomit till other person shifts nervously in seat and tries to make hasty exit
-57 horse books on my shelf
-trophies in my room, flaunting my semi-successes
-txt pictures of my horse making stupid faces to non horse friends *eye rolls*
-txt pictures of my horse making stupid faces to horse friends
-txt pictures of new tack to other tack whore friends
-Epic shrine dedicated to previous and current ponyfaces
-3 mag subscriptions..diligently poured over
-Hating Fuglyblog and reading every. single. comment.
-researching throughout 4 different tack stores for the best value
-new tack is like wait, better than.
-sport heroes include Karen O'Conner and Darren Chiacchia, not Babe Ruth or Tim Tebow
-immediately judging a rider/ voicing opinion to nearest person, wether or not I know them/they are a horse person or not
-ditto for horse, but insert words like, F-ing gorgeous, fugly, psycho or drugged up the ass
-drawing horses constantly...this is probably the most nerdy thing I do
-wearing riding clothes to school and finding it normal
-fantazing about trucks and trailers

Its true. I am a horse nerd. I didnt realize it until now.

But its ok.

Speaking of nerdy things like drawing horses so much it becomes weird. I drew this on a study break. Yay.

Go, my friends, be nerdy with me :D

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Didn't Die, I Promise

I've just been supremely busy/hella lazy about blogging. Also I've been waiting on my friend to upload pictures for me, but she hasnt yet....FAIL.

They were really good too, galloping and jumping.

So to catch you all up...
First say hello to fall...
Oh herro ponyface.
It was finally FALL weather (45degrees), for about 2 days. Then we got snow..WTF, then back up to 75. I hate.

I think I left off about 2 weeks ago (maybe longer) with saddle issues. Which I think I figured out, but I will get to that in a bit. 

I gave him a week off since I had midterms. I got raped. I fail at college.

I jumped Yankee last Sunday and it was...interesting. He was crabby as a mo' fo' but still jumped like a champ, just with some extreme bronc action and ear laying. Perplexing.

He refused once (which I got on camera, haha) but otherwise, jumped perfectly. I set up a small course, and one large oxer. I'd say it was about 3ft wide and 3'6 or 3'9, I really have no idea. I have pictures...but they're still on the camera.

After that I gave him a day off, and ever since then I've been riding him every other day, switching it up with Dressage school, hack/gallop and jump ride. I didn't ride over the weekend at though, because I am sick. That WOULD happen to me right as we were getting back in the swing of things and right before TWO massive exams. Excellent.

Here is a video of part of our hack. Its a link to FB, so I don't know if you can see it if you're not friends with me. Droid fails to upload to YouTube=pissing me off.

My ex left town and gave me Big Sexy back...

As for the saddle/dressage issues. I MIGHT have figured it out. MAYBE. It might have been a fluke, but we will see come Thursday (when I can ride again).

I rode him once without adjustment and he was just ok, still had some stiff trot work, but I kept him busy with transitions and lateral work (which seemed to help a bit).

The big change I noticed was when I moved his saddle back. A LOT. Like, where you would think it shouldn't be. BUT it made a massive difference. No more stiff ponyface, glorious trot work and he held impulsion in his haunches in all the way down the long side.

Hopefully I can try my theory out more this week after Thursday, but I have GOT to study/get better. I'm trying to wrangle my friend Ben into lunging him for me so he isn't sitting around getting crabby and lazy. He seemed to enjoy the every other day attetion/rides.

And here are some pictures of his cookie face. He is adorable.
Ok, well thats a yawn, but still adorable.
Here is a video.

I'm becoming the crazy cat-horse lady. I literally have like 100 pics of him on my phone.
I am possibly the most boring person ever, unless its Friday.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

I know, thats not the saying. But, thats what happens when you own an OTTB.

He never fully regresses; he will be brilliant one day, and hardly remember anything the next time. He never goes full on tard, but he gets close.

I think I tried to teach him too many things at once (sidepassing, counter canter, flying changes, extensions, etc) and he got his lil' TB brain is a twist and regressed slightly to retarded 5 year old stage where he cricks his neck, stiffens up in the shoulders and refuses to move forward.

Silly pony.

For a while (May-present) he was progressing so quickly in everything I presented to him, I kept thinking to myself, "this is too good to be true." It was.

Taking lessons againhas really helped us, and Liz has given me a few tools to work with him on loosening his neck , jaw and shoulders. I tried them out Monday, after our Friday lesson and he was MAGNIFICENT. Absolutely wonderful! I was beyond elated and stoked that we *finally* worked through a major issue without falling back in our training.

Fast forward to Wednesday.

He barely remembered a thing, it seemed. Still stiff, still "stuck" in the front and just outrageously ridiculous. I was getting SO frustrated. How can he be this inconsistent? Even during the ride, he's have some great moments, but then start tripping everywhere, falling in or out, throwing his nose up, and disrespecting my aids. He just kept getting more and more tense and it took all of my willpower ( I literally was telling myself, relax, relax) to not get tense too and carry on.

Partially, I think it was the weather. It went from 80 to 40 in 6 hours, and the last two days have been rainy and gross, so he stayed in (no haircoat!) and the nights have been rainy/gross/33 degrees. Missouri weather blows.

So, here I am...confused and frustrated.
Wondering what could be causing this...I have ideas.
*TB brain
*cold weather
*saddle not fitting?
*bad riding
*lack of work (3 days a week)
*it was dinnertime
*grumpy in general

At least he is still adorable.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cold Weather; A Love Story...and Some Art

It is finally chilly here in good ole' Missouri at 41 degrees this morning! Forecast: fricken cold at night and not much warmer during the day....YAY!

I am super stoked because it has been 80+ since the beginning of October and its messing with my equilibrium. My body craves sweatshirts and long pants and HOT coffee and long hikes and trail rides in the woods and fuzzy horse necks...but in 80 fricken degrees that is impossible.

Everyone (who loves fall) is miserable. Sweaty, hot and disgusting is just not awesome when all you want is to bundle up and be cold :) I'm awkwardly weird, I know.
I am NOT a hot weather person. I LOVE fall, and am madly in like with winter. Save for February. February is the most pointless month of the year. Nothing fun happens in February, and by that time, even I am sick of wintery snow and icey grossness.

I can't remember a time when I didn't love the cold. There is just something wonderful about a deliciously chilly morning at the barn...watching the horses' breaths poof out of their fuzzy noses; appreciating the brilliance of the firey leaf colors, or the sharp blue quality of ice and snow; loving the sound of horses munching hay, all warm and toasty in their stalls or paddocks; hearing the crunch of leaves or snow underfoot; feeling absolutely cold, but ALIVE!


I think thats why I love fall and winter so much...I feel SO alive! I can't describe how much I appreciate life in the winter. Maybe its because, for some wildlife, its a daily struggle to stay alive and I appreciate the fact that I can be warm and my horse is well fed and warm as well. Or maybe its just the absolute beauty that is fall and winter. To me, Summer is FUGLY...brown grass...thunderclouds in the sky...sweaty beasts and people. Gross.

Plus, I freaking love hot coffee, piles of blankets, soup, fireplaces, hoodies, winter boots, thick socks, bathrobes, dog sweaters, christmas trees, sleigh bells, snow, scarves, and fuzzy horse coats. None of that is possible in summer! What do I love in summer? Air conditioning. Thats about it.

Speaking of fuzzy horse coats, Yankee is slowly growing his in. And by slowly, I mean it basically just stands on end right now and got a titch thicker. No real length growth has been acheived. TB horse coat fail. Good thing his momma loves him and has blankets for him when temps drop below freezing this week.

In other news, been doing a bit of dressage work...bareback. I think I am just gonna go sans saddle for a while, I'm really liking it...its giving me some wicked abs. Been working on getting silly TB to relax at the trot and get some beautiful transitions. Sucks not being able to rid emore than 3 days a week, all in a row, so I am going to try to make time for him today and wednesday, as well as the weekend.

In other other news...I've been artsy!! I'm trying to get people's portraits done like I promised, but since I'm just doing sketches, for free, they are low on the priority list, lawl. However I did do one of Miss Gogo for Andrea, SprinnklerBandit and my friend Sela... also uploaded a pic of my first project for ya'll to see...finally.

My Project, finished

Gogo mare

Izzy, for SpinklerBandit

Chance, for a non-blogger friend, Sela

Kleinmare, for Stacey

Have a splediferous Monday and don't forget to hug your horses :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Video Dump

Yeah, I bucked up and jumped this big guy.

Here's another video doing a simple line. Its muy interesanto.

He is terrifying!!

If this guy wants to refuse, he does, and there is no stopping that massive shoulder from ducking. I about fell off once, and I rarely fall. Unless your name is Yankeepants and you throw a dirty refusal mid XC round, then I doubt I am coming off you. I had to grab mane a good 4 times though on this guy. Really, all he needs is a stronger bit, because a snaffle is line twine in his mouth...useless. Pretty difficult finding a drafty-strong gag or elevator though.

Pronto is my friend Hannah's horse and if you're new to this blog, Pronto is half percheron/half TB and is a MONSTER. I'm pretty sure he is about 18hh, or over. I must stick him to find out. I look tiny on him and I'm 5'9.

Anyways, I also jumped my horse, bareback and it was a success (Droid upload to youtube FAIL). He jumps so well without a saddle. Its a travesty I can't compete bareback.

Fun fact, my sophomore year in High School, I didn't ride with a saddle at all. It was so much fun and my balance and core got wicked tight. You should try it sometime!!

In other news...I'm working on a MAJOR art ptoject for class, so I apologize profusely to thouse who haven't gotten a drawing yet...I am so tragically busy and then this whole Andrea/Gogo gifting thing and midterms....they're coming.

About the project...we have to draw a moment in our lives that impacted us the most but make it so no one knows what that is. DIFFICULTNESS.

I was debating between my car accident and them moment I knew I wanted to ride horses forever...of course I chose horses...DUH.

To do this without being obvious of intent, I am going to draw a child version of myself in a grassy field with all the horses that have impacted my life the most. So that would be, Dolly, Spirit, Yankee, a horse named Jack and my mini, Zephyr. 2 chesnuts, a bay, a grey and a palomino. perfect :) I will definetly keep you updated with pictures.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Gogo

I never thought this day could possibly come.
I never thought I would be this emotional about someone else's horse...but I am.
Everytime I see a status from Andrea on FB, tears well in my eyes.
Tonight, she posted a picture riding Gogo bareback for the last time and I lost it.
Andrea's strength is courageous. I could never survive the heartbreak she is going through.
Know this girl, you did everything you could have, and Gogo couldnt have asked for a better mom. We ALL know your pain and we ALL sympathize. We love you, and want you to know we are here for you.
Losing a best friend and partner is inconceivable, and I can only watch from afar and cry with her.
Everyone, please, keep both of these amazing girls in your thoughts tomorrow and send Gogo a farewell. She was an amazing animal and she will be missed by an incredible amount of people.
Find peace, Miss in heaven and enjoy bossing Pegasus around.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jomping Saddle Woes

OK I tried like a bagillion freaking times to upload the dang video from a) my Droid (phone fail) b)Youtube (computer fail) and c) copying and pasting the damn URL (computer officially dumb dumb) and NONE of it is working.

So this means if you are dying to see the epic win that is me staying on my frisky TB bareback over a 3'3 oxer then please feel free to peruse my Facebook or click the "Yankee on Youtube" page up yonder.

Aight, to the meat of my tale. (teehee I'm blogging in my Finance class [taxes are depressing], I feel naughty).

Since his leg blow-up Sunday, I have been keeping him in his run/stall for about a week and it has sucked. He hates it, and I don't blame him! I tried turning him out with boots on last night but all the horses ganged up and attacked him, and cornered him and literally beat the shit out of his poor frightened self. I got a text from a girl at the barn saying she rescued him and I was quite thankful. Weird, since he' s been turned out with all of them for a month...PONYFACE JERKS!

Back to finding ample turnout inlimited space with many horse bodies.
Anyways, back to the subject.

Wednesday I attempted to ride him in dressage, but he was in a foul mood as well as stiff. He was not having it and I gave up after about 30 minutes. We all have bad days right?

Why yes that is a makeshift double bridle.

Win for pretty pictures though.

On to yesterday. I was thinking about doing a small funsies schooling jumper show saturday, or go foxhunting sunday, so I wanted to school him a bit over courses. My mom was visting so she came to the barn as well and I was hoping to show her our progress (she hasnt seen him in a year) and of course he was just a royal asshole.

I was so pissed. This was day two he was behaving abnormally horrendous.
I thought he'd work out of it, espechially since he ADORES jumping, but he just got worse and I was CONFUSED.

Never in my 6 years of ownership has he ever bucked so hard and high OR squealed so loud when I asked for transitions. It was so bad and just got progressively worse. Then he started refusing jumps, and not in his usual way. It was like, ears laid back, gnashing teeth, wiggly refusals. Usually he just drops a flithy shoulder like a punk, but this wasn't just him being annoyed, he was HURTING.

But where?

I ruled out lameness, since he rarely goes lame (funny since he was Sunday for some wack-ass reason) and is remarkably sound for a TB. I thought he might be stiff from his smaller confinement and no pasture turnout, and didnt rule that out immediately. And all his saddles should fit him just he has a gel pad underneath his saddle as well. Silly me though, didn't take into consideration that after I gave him 2 months off (basically), he lost muscle and now his stadium saddle doesnt fit him as well.

Sure enough, I took it off and the improvement was instantaneous. No more angry pony!
That solved that right quick! I hadn't ridden bareback in about a year though and DAMN his withers suck...and he was slippery and sweaty. Delightful.

But we were productive in schooling courses, albeit the slight happiness and relief he felt that he transferred into "wildy" careening around corners and giddy squeals (different from his hateful ones) while I barely hung was laughable.

So, now another decision to make. How to solve this issue.

Defiently more bareback rides when jumping (funsies) and a bit more free lunging/lunging sesh's with the training tools to help him gain muscle, and for sure some more hacks in a different saddle.

I REALLY cannot afford to buy a new saddle willy nilly and I DESPISE with the fire of a 1000 suns those stupid mattes pads everyone swears by and I refuse to buy into that sham.

For now I will stickwith bareback-ness.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Notch.

Hoh dang.
I am NOT having fun right now. I know there is a rainbow in sight somewhere...I know there is. or is it white light? Either way.
So I won't mention anything else about my life right now besides my silly pony since all of that is just one massive sob story that no one probably cares about anyways.
So, the horse.
I started taking lessons again after a 4 year break and its been SO AWESOME. I literally can't wait for the weeks to be over (crazy the semester is half over! I AM 25 SCHOOL WEEKS FROM GRADUATING!!!!!! And then I go to grad school. Wah.)...Fridays can never come soon enough!
We've been doing a ton of advanced movements but also working on a lot of the basics too that people always forget to school because fancy shit is the best, duh.
In addition to flying changes, counter canter, renver, traver and all kinds of fun lateral stuff we also have worked on rating, collection and ease oftransitions. Schooling basics ALWAYS can help more advanced things.
The lesson shave been going well and all, but Yankee is getting himself into mucho trouble out in the pasture.
The ponies run in a herd of about 5-7 depending on who goes out that day and they have I think 10 acres to prance about on. Its all very hilly and full of trees and of course, flesh destroying things.
Yankee comes in every time with bleeding wounds, bite marks and missing hair or tail...awesome dude, just make that another notch in the bedpost that is my failure.
His back legs are getting the brunt of the damage and after our lesson and turnout, on Saturday, his back legs were just absolutely wrecked. Shredded, massive and hot.
Just excellent.
Thinking the worst, I thought he blew a tendon or sheath or something outrageous and flipped.
Being the careful mom I am, cleaned, poulticed, bandaged and wrapped his pathetic looking back legs hoping he'd be fine in the morning.
He was.
BUT, I am going to have to turn him out in boots in the back from now on unless I WANT him to keep massacring his hind legs into a pulp.
I really have always thought people were stupid for booting since it makes the legs hot and things can get under them and irritate the skin, but honestly, he needs it.
Being the tack whore that I am, I have like 20 pairs of boots, I just dont know which ones would be best.
Anyone? Anyone?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yankee, The Saint

My horse is awsome. But we all knew that already.
One of my friends from school has been bugging me to give him lessons and I was nervous at first because not many people ride Yankee and he can be a but if an ass sometimes, if you know what I mean.
I was skeptical and nervous, but I did it anyways.
The first day I taught Colin the basics,go, turn, stop, position, etc etc. and he BLEW MY MIND. This guy is a freakin freak of nature...he is extremely good at this. He was sitting and posting on the first day, and by the second lesson, he could do it perfectly and by the third lesson he could mix up sitting and posting, two point, leg yeilds and he cantered. I must be an excellent teacher :P
And Yankee...He is a SAINT. He just plods along in the westerny trot and is so relaxed with Colin. It slike he knows he has an inexperienced rider on his back. Everytime, the first day, he would lose his balance, yankee would slow down or stop. It was funny and frustrating actually.
Yankee seemed to have an instant connection with this guy and he already runs up to him in the field. He is just SO awesome for Colin, it blows my mind.

Pretty good two point for a noob huh?
In an english saddle, no less.
Aren't they adorable??
This is fun.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Throws Hands Up"

Pretty much.

I give up at life...for now.

I'm sick, and I've stayed home and moped for a few days, overwhelmed with everything that is the CLUSTERF*** of my life, wondering when and where I will be when I actually hear some good news.

Then, when I think nothing else could happen to me to try and make me quit trying, the BF breaks things off with me. I was at the barn, thank God.

Cue ridiculous blubbering into nearest pony's face. Thank you old man GinGin.

Then I sauntered off to find my own pony. He galloped up to me when I called and just let me cry into his mane. He snuffled me and gave me horse hugs and told me not to be sad.

Horses are the frickn' best. 

Friday, September 16, 2011



Which blanket do I choose???????

The tack whore inside me wants both but I can only choose one..

The name brand Amigo stable sheet at a lower price but FUGLY color

OR the pretty Blue plaid off brand stable sheet thats JUST slightly more expensive.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Art Project Cont'd and Breeches Death

Its true. After 6 years, they have died a tragic death.

I ripped a giant (and by giant I meant= ass-baring, drafty cold large) hole in the seat. Not to mention they were a size 24....I wore that in like, sophomore year in HS. And ridiculously black from the saddle and my boots.

guess I will have to get new ones now. Drat. (TACK WHORE INSIDE ME GETS EXCITED!!!)

In other news, I am working on a rather large, difficult project for my advanced color drawing class. We had to take 5 artists and compile a composition based off those artists work.
I am a HUGE fan of Kim McElroy as well as Marcia Baldwin, Jana Fox and the 1700s artist, George Stubbs, so that is what I tried to base my drawing off of. I also referenced cave drawings and other random artists I found on Amazon.
This was the first step in my drawing. I did several prelim sketches and color combos as seen on a previous post here but this is what I came up with. I was going for a fight persay, of good vs. evil. Top, good, bottom, evil. Its NOT supposed to be proportionate or very life-like.
Adding some color to the "good" horse

So this is all I have 3 hours into it. I hope to get more of the red/purple swirls in, but I don't know if it will ruin the picture or not. The manes and tails of both horses will be intertwined too, which I think will look super neat! The bottom horse will be black, red and orange and have red eyes.
 I wish I could have done just the heads because I adore drawing equine faces and then I could have made the distinction between good and evil better, but then the composition wouldn't be as good as it is. Since its for a grade, I have to do it the way it was assigned, and that is compostion and fillling up the page, along with some other junk like color relations and using techniques from the artists I chose.

I will hopefully be finishing it up in class tomorrow and will be able to show you guys the finished product!

And for a few gigs (thanks to EN for sparking this beautiful idea), this is the story of my everyday life.