Wednesday, August 3, 2011


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So, to ask my fellow eventers (or anyone else!) out there, I have a teensy problem. I could delve into the whole ginormous story, but I will spare you 7 minutes and just say I am having issues with bitting on XC.

Yankee, as most know, is an OTTB, and is rather retarded in open spaces and jumping outside.

Over the past 6 years, I've tried him in several bits. All french link: 3 ring elevator with and without a curb chain, full cheek snaffle, waterford, D-ring, twisted D-ring and a kimberwick. Most work for a couple weeks, then he gets used to it and does what he always does...

...grabs the bit, leans into it and RUNS. Sticks his nose in the air or tucks it in so far I have no leverage. I don't think this is him misbehaving in an evil way...he just wants to run! Like he was born to do!

The most success I've had is with the 3 ring without the curb chain, but after 4 years he really started just using it to lean on and it didnt work.

I want something with a little bite, but not enough to be harsh. A little leverage, but not as much as a 3 ring, maybe some gag...I just dont know!! I was thinking maybe a gag with a waterford mouth, or a 2-ring with a waterford mouth?

OTTB owners...or any with horses like mine...what works for you!?

Yankee is well trained in that he is very rateable, but when he grabs that bit and holds on, nothing will stop him. I don't know if he really just needs retraining, but HONESTLY, i truly think it is just his breed. He NEVER just settles into his gallop...he fights the entire way and I am EXHAUSTED after a XC run.