Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What Do Wednesday: Tails

I have actually done a post about this topic before, but it was in 2014 which seems like ages ago. Also, my methods have changed a bit since then. Also also, my recent FB and instagram post got a bit of attention, so I want to explain myself for those who requested!

What is it exactly? My transformation Tuesday of Bacardi's tail

Why yes, that is the same  horse and the same tail, almost exactly 2 years apart, save for a few months. Crazy right?

If any of you know me on a personal level, you know my obsession with tails is almost at an unhealthy level. For real though, I worry about myself. Considering I almost didn't buy B because of his wimpy tail...couldn't have that. (Jk jk!)

God his tail was awful.

I honestly never thought his tail would ever reach the point where it is currently, since my methods worked no magic on my wee pony, Spirit, and his horrendously wimpy tail. Yankee was fortunately gifted with luscious locks, and requires little maintenance and I've been lucky with that beast at least.

Circa 2008
I actually believe my "old method" damaged the hair more than it helped, and he has lost some gloriousness with recent events. So we will have to work on that.

We have a lot to work on actually
I USED to braid the tail after applying Cowboy magic, roll it up and stuff it in a sock or vet wrap it...

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
This was truly so much work (, and I noticed more and more hair in my brush when I would take it down once a month to re-do.

So for the summer of 2015 I left the tail down.  Or kept it in a single braid.

Single braid rules. Wanna know why?

It keeps the hairs maintained, out of the way, unable to be stepped on/pulled out, keeps it conditioned, easy to take out for pics, and still gives the ability to swat flies. ITS PERFECT.

Before I braid, I FINGER comb with detangler and then usually ride to let it air out and dry. Finger combing is essential...and annoying, but essential.. If super tangled (it never is, because braid) I will allow myself to carefully use a human hair brush, but generally, brushes yank hairs out and that is the opposite of what we want.

After our ride, I will finger comb again with Cowboy Magic and then loosely braid from the tailbone down. The key is loose enough that it won't come out, but not too tight that the hairs break off. Its a fine line. I then leave about 6-8 inches of "swatch" near the end of the braid. I've noticed this helps the hair tie securing the braid not fall out, and gives an end for fly swatting.

Example of braid. ignore slipped polo. But now that I've pointed it out I bet you can't
and....thats about it.

I baby it with Cowboy magic and braid it up.

I usually take it don for pics or weekly, whichever comes first.

Then, in spring (NOW, yay!) I hack it off

Nah, I dont do that, but I do bang a good amount off the ends. Like a solid 3-4 inches.

Tail was touching the ground beforehand
Before you gasp and lose your shit, this really is the key. I know its horrifying to destroy all the growth that occurred all winter, but seriously trust me.

Major key
This creates a full effect, and gets rid of all the nasty ends. Just like a human hair cut!

Then, just repeat for a year or so or more and BOOM, sexual tail.

Disclaimer, I also feed a biotin supp for the feet and I swear it helps with tails. I also don't participate in the "venter tail" style where the top of the tail is pulled or trimmed up. Seriously, look at his tail head...I would be chopping off so much luscious hair and I absolutely refuse to. Plus, I've done this on Yankee, it looks tacky and I hate it (see circa 2008 pic fr proof). No offense to those who do it, I just think it looks silly. I like me a full tail.

But, this is how I do it. And with some patience and a little Magic, you can too!

So dear readers, this is my question to you, what do?? Are you as obsessed as me? Do you not give a flip at all? What do you do to make your pony's tail the best it can be? Feed your secrets.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week Wrap Up

Super boring post today, be warned...but it is Monday. Still behind on rides, but I am slowly making my way in reporting on our super exciting happenings.

Last week on Wednesday Amy and her ducklings came over to my barn to take advantage of the jumps in the indoor. Perfect timing too since it was POURING outside.

It actually hasn't stopped raining since, and I have a feeling it won't for some time either. Poor ponies have been stuck in, but at least they're nakey! Almost overbite I've come to the barn, B has been asleep, and I feel bad about waking him, but sometimes ya gotta horse.

B kept up his streak of impressing me with his horsey adulting during the ride Wednesday. He stood still while the crew jumped all around him and he jumped everything I pointed him at, quite willingly.

Not from Wednesday, but still cute

Amy's lovely children were my jump and video crew for the night, (so spoiled by them)  and we focused on working through the grid that was set a few times, raising it a few holes each successful attempt. He knocked a rail once on the last oxer, but I am pretty sure that was my riding and not his error. Regardless, he was an angel and didn't fly through or knock down the entire exercise like he used to! Progress. So much progress.

Considering that he used to refuse everything repeatedly, or jump like a deer, I think its safe to say he's really starting to enjoy and understand his job.

Inbetween Wednesday and now, I rode every day, just continuing to work on basics on the flat, or hacking out. Combined with gym time, work and school, sometimes *I* have zero energy or too sore from CF to make a real ride of things and just focus on transitions or adjustability in gaits. Also important, but usually short sessions and rather boring. So, not much to report there but continued calm and willingness from the baby.

Saturday he was a bit sassy for our flat session and kept hauling on my left arm. Granted, going on 2 weeks of being stalled, it was sideways raining and there were FIVE horses in the ring...I didn't really blame  him or get too mad. 

However, one silly head toss too many, I did lose my patience with weaving inbetween horses jumping and being lunged that I said fuck it and chalked the day up for a loss. I also had just come from an absolutely BRUTAL and savage gym sesh that included a 3 mile run, broke up into sprints with burpees and lunges and I just didn't have it in me to focus my remaining energy on great transitions and wrangling a semi-hot OTTB.

Still not a terrible ride, just really didn't get past warm-up.

Sunday Funday did not happen, I was so sore and when I arrived, B was sleeping and I felt bad making him get up. 

Eventually he did, but I just spent the time grooming him and primping. His mane and tail now look less "wintery" and he seemed to enjoy it! 

I always treasure any barn time I have, and I wasn't mad about either visit this weekend.

Here's to a new week though!