What Do Wednesday's

I try to do a weekly post called "What Do Wednesday", try being the operative word.

One of the many reason I love blogging so much is hearing input from my fellow bloggers. I try to pose an issue I am currently dealing with that could be relevant to other readers, and then give my 2 cents before I ask "What Do?"

Feed me your secrets!

So far we've covered

...in 2016:

Blanket Repairs: How?

Winter Riding: What is your temperature cutoff?

Bodywork: Do you believe in it?

Linking up soon!:

Gadgets (January 24)

Loyalty (January 31)

Bit Warmers (February 7)

Trailering (February 21)

Tails (March 13)

Health and Fitness (March 20)

Planning Rides Out (April 3)

Conquering Riding Fear ( April 17)

Grain and Nutrition (April 24)

Rolex (May 1)

Pro Rides ((May 8)

Celebrity Riders (May 15)

Thrown Shoes (May 29)

Breed Preferences (June 5)

Trailering Preferences (June 22)

Riding Other Horses (July 6)

Pushing the Limits (July 13)

Whisker Preferences (July 27)

Fixing Flaws (August 3)

When to Quit (August 17)

Straps and Things (August 24)

DIY Projects (August 31)

Routines (September 13)

Spurs: Y/N (September 21)

Tack Whoring (September 28)

Tack Theft (October 5)

....in 2015:

Vacations: How do you give your horse time off?

Tack Cleaning: What products do you use & how often do you clean?

Boots: How & do you boot your horse for every ride? What brands/products?

Tack Organization: How do you organize all your precious's?

....in 2104:

Clipping: To do or not to do/what/how/why

Harsh Weather: How do you handle it?

Winter Wear: What do you wear to ride &do chores during winter?

Bedding: What do you use and why?

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