1. Do you actually always pick the horse’s feet? Always? Really?
I can admit that no, I do not always pick their feet BEFORE a ride. Half the time I forget and then I do it after. Usually though, there's nothing in them anyways...? I'm terrible. I was better as a child.
"I didn't pick their feet because I'm a terrible mom"
2. What is the biggest obstacle/reason preventing you from becoming a professional or competing full time with ease?
The simple fact that I don't want to. Despite my obscene love for horses, I also love other things, like my boyfriend, Crossfit, my job, painting, hiking, camping, adventuring, movies, food and netflix. I could never give up my entire life to devote to horses. Thats madness. While I respect professionals, I do not envy them.
But for sake of answering the question, lets pretend I did want to. The answers are the same as they are for basically everyone; money and time. 
3. Do you think it will ever not be about the money?
Honestly no. Its no secret that in this world, with money you will go farther than those who don't. More often than not, and time and time again, those constantly in the winners circle are the ones who can devote hours a day to training, lessons, GOOD horses, show fees, traveling fees, etc. ONE weekend at an event used to cost me close to a grand when it all boiled down to it. Thats outrageous and most of us normal folk can't afford that every other weekend or even once a month. 

Thats not even counting rated AA shows, which I am sure are even  more expensive than events. So yes, the rich will normally succeed because of their money. Yes, they are generally good riders, because its rare that a shitty rider can pilot a fantastic horse to victory, but they also got good because of their money. Thats not to discount the backyard rider like myself, we've won an event or two, but we aren't constantly topping first place like some riders I see. I just hope the majority of those types of riders realize what they have!
4. Was there ever a horse that you loved and really wanted to have a connection with, but it just never panned out?
Yep. He was my project/resalehorse and he was a giant imported Irish Sporthorse named Murphy with the most majestic, thick tail I had ever seen.

 I adored him and he wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. Or any person, really. He reminded me of an old man that hated everything and was a wise ass to boot. I wanted him so desperately to be loving, sweet and interested in his job, but all he wanted was grass. 

In fact, he would routinely jump out of our pastures to get more, better grass on the other side. Sucker could really jump, when he felt like it and eventually was sold as a fox hunter.
5. What is one weakness in your riding that even your trainer doesn’t pick up on, only you?
This is hard because my trainer has this wicked skill where she can see everything I'm doing wrong all at once. She even knows I'm a psycho about XC and tolerates that side of me. Perhaps she may not know that my hips are incredibly inflexible/weak and therefore a dressage saddle is pretty much the worst feeling ever and I struggle to keep my position every second of every ride. We much prefer the fetal position that the jump saddle allows.
LOL @ leg
6. What is the biggest doubt/insecurity you ask or tell yourself in your head?
That I will never be good enough to figure out Bacardi and train him like he needs. Though I'm slowly hacking away at that nasty thought.
majestic almost 4 year old B
7. There is a barn fire. You are the first person to discover it and see that the roof is collapsing in slowly, and you can tell it’s going to come down any time. Do you call people first or head straight in to save the horses?
I like to think I would be a hero, but lets be real, I would dial 911 and call the emergency crew first and foremost. Cell phones are handy like that, and mine essentially never leaves my side. Then, knowing me and my anxiety ridden self, I would stand there and panic and not think clearly. Probably blindly rush in and try to save my horses first if possible, if not, save the closest to me. BUT, this dumb. No matter what anyone says, human lives are not worth losing over horses, dogs, cats etc. But I would want to save them, even knowing that its stupid and I should just wait on the fire crew.
8. What is one event in your riding career/horse/anything that you’re still not over, even though you might tell others you are?
Spring Run HT in 2010. We slid and crashed through 3 stadium fences after a downpour that made the grass ring like an ice rink. 
Started off so well

Then sliiip and refuse...

..I may never be over this one
I didn't have stud holes tapped, so instead of scratching, I attempted the course anyways and Yanks felt so unsafe jumping that he actually refused to, therefore...sliding and crashing loudly through 3 jumps. Embarrassing, and eliminated. More embarrassing because I know my horse doesn't like jumping on grass and I did it anyways on WET grass and then we BOTH mentally suffered for a year after that. As in, could barely jump crossrail.
9. If you could tell off one person you just don’t like, what would you say?
You can't let tragedy in your life give you the excuse to be a miserable, hateful, snarky bitch to others, whenever you feel like it. Stop playing that card.

10. Have you ever seen questionable riding or training practices, but let it go/ignored it? How do you feel about it in hindsight?
Yes, all the time. Luckily, show authorities have always caught it, so I never have felt the need to 1) report it 2) bad about not reporting it because it was bad enough to get noticed by officials anyways.
In the future though, damn straight I will report it. Not afraid to be a tattle tale when it comes to horse welfare. 

This was a fun one! Have you guys done it yet on your blog?